NWGA Scanner | July 22nd, 2022

Dalton men arrested after fighting with Dalton police officer and fleeing traffic stop at gas station

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On June 30th, 2022, at 12:45 AM, Officer Bell was patrolling the Willowdale Stay Lodge located at 1116 Willowdale Road when he observed a Chevrolet Impala pass him, traveling towards the exit. Officer Bell was able to identify the driver as William Maurice Wooten, 28, of Dalton, and confirmed he had a valid felony warrant through Walker County. Officer Bell then observed the Impala turn into the parking lot of the Marathon Gas station located at 2201 Chattanooga Road. The officer then got out of the vehicle at the gas pump and made contact with Wooten. Officer Bell reported, ” Confirming my suspicion with his name and my knowledge of what William Wooten looked like, [I] requested for William to exit the vehicle. [I] proceeded to open the driver-side door while William began to exit the vehicle while asking who [I] was looking for. [I] advised William that I was looking for him and proceeded to grab William’s left wrist and began to place William under arrest. At this time, William began to pull away from me in an attempt to flee. While keeping hold of William’s wrist, [I] assisted William to the ground. William immediately pulled his legs under him and began to attempt to stand back up.” Officer Bell advised Whitfield 911 that he was in a fight and needed assistance. William continued to disobey verbal commands and attempted to still stand up. William then attempted to wrap his legs around the officer to prevent him from being able to control him. Officer Bell reported, “[I] then placed two closed fist strikes to the right side of William’s head. During the “Scuffle” with William, the black male (Meshi Tyree Drake, 22, of 1116 Willowdale Road, Dalton) that had exited the passenger side of the vehicle came to our location and began to yell at me to “Let him go.” while doing so, he obstructed my lawful arrest and proceeded to attempt to push me off of William.” At this time, due to the officer being by himself and now dealing with two separate males fighting with him, he pulled his department-issued taser. During the violent struggle, the officer fell back, and William took off fleeing east across Chattanooga Road towards the Motel 6 located at 2200 Chattanooga Road. During the intense foot pursuit, William was tased and fell onto the ground, disabling William from further evading. William kept saying, “I’m done” but kept resisting arrest. Officer O’neal arrived on the scene and assisted with arresting William. During this time, Drake, who had obstructed the officer’s arrest, was now leaving the scene to avoid being arrested. Drake was also later arrested at the Willowdale Stay Lodge by Dalton police officers. Both William and Drake were transported to the Whitfield County Jail. William was charged with felony obstruction of an officer by threat/violence, misdemeanor willful obstruction of law officers, and driving while license is suspended or revoked. Drake was charged with DUI, felony fleeing/attempting to elude a police officer, misdemeanor willful obstruction of law officers, and driving while license is suspended or revoked.