NWGA Scanner | August 21st, 2022

Dalton men obstruct and assault officers after loitering outside apartment

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On July 30th, 2022, Officer Warren was patrolling the area of 1008 May Street on foot. Officer Warren then observed two males standing outside of an apartment. One of the males was lying completely on the ground, and the other appeared to be urinating or pouring out beer. Officer Warren reported, “[I] stood back and observed the males see what they were doing. They appeared to be attempting to enter the door of the apartment. [I] watched for a little longer, and that’s when [I] observed the males attempting to enter through the window of the apartment. One of the males successfully entered through the window as [I] approached. While approaching the male that was still outside, later identified as Raymundo Perez, [I] announced myself to him as a Dalton police officer and began to ask him what he was doing.” Raymundo looked directly at the officer and proceeded to say something that the officer could not understand. Raymundo began to look very panicked and started to hurriedly attempt to open the door faster. The officer advised Raymundo that he just needed to talk with him for a second and that he was not free to go into the apartment. The male that was now inside the apartment, later identified as Mario Perez-Roldan, 39, of 1008 May St, Dalton, quickly opened the door. Raymundo attempted to run into the apartment, but the officer grabbed him by the arm, stopping him from entering. Officer Warren reported, “Raymundo pulled his arm out of my grasp and ran into the apartment. [I] shouted police and told him to stop. [I] then entered the apartment in pursuit of Raymundo. Upon entering, [I] observed Officer Sosa make contact with Mario at the door. [I] continued into the apartment, trying to catch up to Raymundo. [I] saw Raymundo quickly unlock and exit out the backdoor of the apartment. [I] chased Raymundo out the back of the apartment. He continued to run across 5th Avenue and then in between two apartment buildings. Raymundo then attempted to turn around and face me. As he turned, [I] grabbed him and forced him to the ground. Raymundo was still resisting as [I] instructed him to turn on his stomach. He continued to pull his hands away from me and attempt to get up off the ground.” Raymundo eventually was placed in handcuffs and informed the officer that he did not speak English. He informed Officer Herrera that the apartment was his and that he only ran because he was scared. According to the report, “He was then questioned by Officer Sosa, who informed me that Raymundo was just scared of being deported again, and that was why he ran. Raymundo stated that he was from Guatemala. Officer Sosa was also involved in a physical altercation with Mario upon entering the apartment. Officer Sosa was shoved by Mario as he entered the doorway. While attempting to detain him, Officer Sosa was assaulted. Mario was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer (felony) and loitering/prowling. Raymundo was charged with loitering/prowling and obstructing a law enforcement officer.