NWGA Scanner | July 11th, 2021

Dalton officer stops Chattanooga man attempting to kidnap woman he was ordered to stay away from

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on July 3rd, 2021, at around 1:06 AM, Officer Hughes was patrolling the parking lot of the Oyster Pub located at 933 Market Street. Officer Hughes reported, “As [I] was driving through the lot, I could hear a female screaming constantly and loudly. The female was screaming as if she was being attacked. [I] began looking between the rows of cars to see if [I] could locate the female. As [I] drove up the first row of cars, [I] observed a female being forced into the passenger side of a car by a male. The male had grabbed the female and shoved her into the passenger seat.” Officer Hughes quickly exited his patrol vehicle while notifying the dispatch of the situation. As the officer ran over, he could hear the female screaming, “no stop!”. Officer Hughes reported, “[I] then heard the female scream, I’m not going with you. As [I] got closer, [I] could see the female trying to force the male up off of her. The male continued to push down on the female, refusing to let her up and out of the car. As [I] got to the male and female, [I] could see the male tearing at the female’s clothing. At this time [I] did not know if this was an attempted sexual assault or an attempted kidnapping.” The officer yelled to the male, later identified as Abdelnasir Abdelazia, 23, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, to stop several times but got no response. Officer Hughes reported, “Due to how the car door was open, the positioning of the male’s and female’s body, and other cars in the parking lot [I] was unable to get to the male directly. [I] unholstered my taser and deployed it, striking the male in the back. I was about 2 feet away from the male when he was shot with the taser. The male fell to the ground on his stomach. After [I] tased the male, the female fell out of the car. She was still screaming and crying uncontrollably. [I] requested additional units to my location and advised the male had been tased.” Sgt. Zimmerman arrived at the location and handcuffed Abdelazia. The officer calmed the female victim, who advised she had come to the Oyster Pub with Abdelazia but did not want to leave with him due to a disturbance they had. The female advised Abdelazia had tried to rip her clothes off of her. The female continued to cry and was having a hard time getting her breath under control. Officer Thornton arrived, and she took the female victim away from the immediate scene to speak further with her. According to the report, Abdelazia was under the influence of alcohol. Officer Hughes reported, “He would continue to ask the same questions repeatedly. He asked numerous times about bonds and the state of Tennessee court system. According to the report, the victim advised while walking outside Abdelazia started to scream and argue with her. She advised he then tore her earrings off of her ears and grabbed her glasses off of her face. She advised that she told Abdelazia that she was going to go back inside and get a ride with her sister. She said when she walked away that is when Abdelazia began forcing her to the car and then into the car. The victim advised Abdelazia began pulling her hair extensions out and ripping at her clothes. The victim advised she couldn’t get away until Officer Hughes quickly arrived and tased Abdelazia. The victim did have some minor injuries, according to the report. Abdelazia was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Once at the jail, Officer Hughes discovered Abdelazia had an ankle monitor on and bond conditions to stay away from the victim. Abdelazia would not give a BAC sample, only say that he was drunk. Abdelazia was charged with false imprisonment, battery, criminal trespass, damage 0f $500 or less, public drunkenness, and violation of family violence order. According to jail records, as of Saturday, Abdelazia is being held in the Whitfield County Jail with no bond. According to Hamilton County Jail records, Abdelazia has history of domestic violence.