The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a woman who cashed a fake check for more than $850 at a local business and then tried to do it again for another $700. The woman was recorded by store surveillance. The incident happened in late October at the Carniceria Nachos store at 900 Underwood Street. On October 30th, the woman gave the clerk a check for $856.24 and asked for it to be cashed. The check said that it was from a business called “Anderson’s Landscaping” in Calhoun. The clerk gave the suspect the cash and then left. The next day, on October 31st, the suspect returned and presented another check from “Anderson’s Landscaping” in the amount of $732.65. This time, the clerk recognized that the two checks looked very similar and asked for an ID to make a copy. When he began to ask the suspect more questions about the check, she decided to leave the store without cashing the check. On November 4th, the store discovered that the check cashed on the 30th was a fake. They reported the crime to the DPD on November 24th. A Dalton Police Department investigator was able to determine that the ID presented by the suspect had been stolen and that the owner of the ID was not a suspect in the case. The investigation further determined that while there is a business called “Anderson’s Landscaping” the business does not have a location in Calhoun and does not have a checking account.The suspect in this case is a white female with short, light brown or red hair. She stood 5’6” tall and appears to be in her 30’s. In the pictures from October 31st, she had a marking on her right wrist with a red heart, but it’s unclear if it is temporary or a new tattoo as the marking did not appear on October 30th. The suspect wore a covid mask while making the transactions, but the surveillance picture still shows detailed facial features.

Anyone with information about this crime or the identity of the suspect is asked to please contact Detective John Edwards at 706-278-9085, extension 9-152.

Call Toll Free 888-224-0796