NWGA Scanner | October 5th, 2021

Dalton Police officers presented with Awards of Valor and Merit after rescuing woman in distress on bridge

Officers Keidric Johnson and Coleman Jenkins were presented with the Dalton Police Department’s Awards of Valor and Merit, respectively, for their parts in the rescue of a woman from the Waugh Street bridge. The incident happened earlier this summer when the officers were dispatched to a report of a woman standing over the rail of the bridge and threatening to jump off. Officer Jenkins was the first to arrive on scene and made contact with the woman who was experiencing a crisis. Officer Jenkins spoke to the woman and worked to reassure her and convince her to climb back over using his training and experience. Officer Johnson responded to the scene a few moments later and both slowly approached the woman while speaking to her and reassuring her. After some time passed, Officer Johnson seized the moment, suddenly lunging forward while the woman focused on Officer Jenkins and grabbed her, pulling her back from the edge while Jenkins and others rushed forward to help. The woman was taken from the scene to get help. Officer Johnson was presented with the Award of Valor by Assistant Chief Chris Crossen, who noted the award is given to officers who, “conscious of danger and great risk of imminent personal hazard to life, distinguishes themselves by intelligently performing an act of heroism or valor above and beyond the call of duty.” Officer Jenkins was recognized with the Award of Merit. Assistant Chief Crossen noted that Jenkins’ “calm demeanor and ability to engage [the woman] in dialogue gave time for lifesaving action to take place.”