NWGA Scanner | May 5th, 2022

Dalton teen arrested on serious injury by vehicle charges after driving reckless and causing crash on Mitchell Street

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, a supervisor was notified of a serious crash on Mitchell Street near Avenue C. The supervisor had an officer respond to the scene who was able to mark the evidence on the roadway and take photographs of the crash scene. According to the report, The supervisor went to Hamilton Medical Center and spoke to one of the drivers. She said she was going to watch her grandson’s lacrosse game. The report said she told the officer she was traveling on Mitchell Street and missed her turn on Civic Drive. When she realized she had missed her turn she made a left turn into a parking lot to turn around. She said as she began to make the turn a vehicle “collided” with her vehicle. The victim “stated that she did not remember anything else after the crash until she came to and learned that her husband and mother were in an ambulance,” the report said. According to the report, The supervisor said that while he was at Hamilton Medical Center he learned the (rear passenger) mother was being transferred to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, TN, due to the severity of her injuries. The officer spoke to a passenger in the vehicle who said the other vehicle “collided with the rear of theirs.” Five days later, the report said, the supervisor again spoke to the driver who was injured, who said she still did not remember anything about the crash. She “advised me at this time that she had several broken ribs and a broken clavicle and had stayed overnight in the hospital.” She said her mother had suffered a broken pelvis and they were trying to locate a rehabilitation facility for her to be placed in once released from the hospital. The supervisor spoke to Angel Padilla, 18, of Dalton, he said as he was going down the hill on Mitchell Street his steering locked and he panicked. Angel stated that he does not remember anything after this. The supervisor reported, “[I] then asked Angel why he was traveling in the opposite lane going down the hill and he stated that this was due to his steering being locked up. [I] then asked Angel about the vehicle not having a tag, and he stated that he had recently bought the vehicle and had not gotten a tag or insurance for the vehicle. A witness who was leaving the area of Compassion House on Chester Hill Street said the vehicle driven by Padilla “zoomed right out toward Mitchell Street and turned left.” According to the report, “The witness told the supervisor she turned right onto Mitchell Street and noticed in her rear-view mirror the vehicle driven by Padilla was driving east in the opposite lane of travel down the hill on Mitchell Street.” She said the vehicle appeared to be showing off while driving reckless. According to the report, The second witness said she was on Mitchell Street going to an event on Civic Drive when she saw the vehicle driven by Padilla passing her on the opposite side of the road. According to the report, “She said that vehicle shot right past her and never slowed down. She said when she looked back, the vehicle was still traveling in the left-hand lane and never traveled back into the correct lane (right-hand lane) prior to colliding with the other vehicle.” Dalton Police Department traffic investigators arrested took warrants out on Padilla and arrested him on Saturday. Padilla was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with passing vehicles in opposite directions/driving on the wrong side of the road, two counts of serious injury by vehicle, driving without insurance, passing in no-passing zones, reckless driving and an instruction permit only (Class C) violation. According to a Whitfield County Jail records, Padilla posted bond and was released on Saturday.