NWGA Scanner | July 11th, 2022

Dalton teenager arrested for obstruction after refusing to give deputy license during traffic stop for speeding

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On June 25th, 2022, Deputy Figg was working traffic on Chatsworth Highway just before Hwy 286 when he observed a 2019 Dodge Challenger traveling at a high rate of speed. According to the report, “Deputy Figg checked the vehicle on LASER, SRN 14796, at 1210 Ft, the vehicle registered 70 MPH in a posted 55 MPH Speed Zone.” The deputy conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver Micaela, 18, of Dalton. According to the report, Micaela immediately became very confrontational, stating she was not going 70 MPH and was not going to produce her license. According to the report, “Deputy Figg requested her license multiple times each time she would not cooperate in producing her license. Micaela then demanded Deputy Figg get his supervisor again, stating she was not going to get a ticket as she was not going 70 MPH. Deputy Figg advised Micaela he would call for his supervisor, but she was first going to have to give up her license. Micaela continued to be uncooperative in producing her license. Deputy Figg then advised Micaela if she did not comply with producing her license, she would be arrested for obstruction as she was hindering Deputy Figg in the performance of his duties. Micaela continued to be very uncooperative, at which time Deputy Figg attempted to open the door to have Micaela exit the vehicle, but the door was locked.” When Micaela was advised she was now under arrest, she then took her phone and began recording. The deputy reached in and opened the door, and attempted to bring Micaela out of her vehicle. Micaela continued to be very uncooperative. Micaela was eventually placed under arrest. While waiting on the wrecker, Micaela continued to be uncooperative, cussing and demanding Deputy Figg’s supervisor. Micaela also began demanding Deputy Figg take the cuffs off of her and let her go that she should not be arrested. Micaela again began yelling over Deputy Figg as he attempted to explain things to her. Deputy Figg advised her that Lt O’Mahony stated if she wished to file a complaint, she could file one when she was released from jail. Micaela became even more upset, demanding a supervisor now. Micaela then made a statement, “I am going to annoy the F*&k out of you and began yelling in the back seat, demanding answers to questions. According to the report, “Deputy Figg did at several times attempt to explain to Micaela what she was arrested for, but she would not listen, yelling over the top of Deputy Figg. Deputy Figg then transported Micaela to the Whitfield County Jail with his window down to keep from hearing Micaela cussing him out. While en route to the jail, Deputy Figg could hear Micaela begin to force herself to hyperventilate. As Micaela had been cussing, Deputy Figg could not hear if she was asking for anything. He did roll up his window and advised her he could not hear what she was saying. Micaela would not repeat herself, so Deputy Figg did roll down the back windows, not knowing if that was what she was wanting.” Micaela was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with obstruction and speeding.