NWGA Scanner | May 22nd, 2022

Dalton woman arrested after permitting unlicensed man to drive her vehicle while drunk in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On May 11th, 2022 at 9:02 PM, Deputies Sharpe and Corona was stationary at Lower Dug Gap and Old Dug Gap actively looking for vehicles failing to stop at the stop sign. According to the report, “Deputies observed a gray 2013 Nissan Altima with a Georgia tag fail to stop for the stop sign. The vehicle never even attempted to stop at the stop sign. Deputy Sharpe conducted a traffic stop at Old Dug Gap Road and Lower Dug Gap Road. The vehicle stopped in the middle of Lower Dug Gap Road. The vehicle did not attempt to pull over to the right. Deputies observed the driver Carlos Lopez Miranda, 23, of Dalton, get into the back seat from the driver seat. The front seat passenger Nilza Fraire, 39, of Dalton then got into the driver seat.” Deputy Sharpe could smell an alcoholic beverage omitted from Miranda’s breath. Miranda could not speak any English and only spoke Spanish. Deputy Corona translated for Deputy Sharpe. Miranda stated that he had been drinking at the park with friends. Miranda stated that he only had one or two beers. During field sobriety testing, Miranda showed several signs of impairment and showed positive for alcohol on a PBT. According to the report, “Deputy Sharpe then asked Mr. Miranda if he was driving. Mr. Miranda stated that he was driving. Deputy Corona asked Mr. Miranda, on a scale of one to ten, how drunk he was. Mr. Miranda stated he was about a three. Deputies then spoke to Ms. Fraire. Ms. Fraire spoke both English and Spanish but was more proficient in Spanish. Ms. Fraire stated that she had been at the park with Mr. Miranda. Ms. Fraire stated that she did observe Mr. Fraire drinking alcohol at the park. Ms. Fraire claims she was with Mr. Miranda the whole time and that he only had one beer. Ms. Fraire stated she had started feeling lightheaded. That’s when she allowed Mr. Faire to drive her vehicle that is registered in her name. Ms. Faire knew Mr. Miranda did not have a valid driver’s license. Ms. Faire also knew that Mr. Miranda had been drinking at the park. Ms. Miranda could have had someone come pick them up but instead allowed Mr. Faire to drive her vehicle. By allowing Mr. Miranda to drive intoxicated and without a valid driver’s licenses, she allowed Mr. Miranda to endanger the general motoring public as well as her and him. Ms. Faire also knew that Mr. Miranda would have gotten in trouble if he got caught driving because she switched seats with Mr. Miranda. Deputy Sharpe then asked if there were any open containers in the vehicle. Ms. Faire stated there was. Deputy Sharpe then got consent to search the vehicle from Ms. Faire. During the search of the vehicle, Deputy Sharpe located two one quart of Victoria’s beer in the floorboard of the front seat passenger seat.” Faire and Miranda were both arrested and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Faire was charged with permitting unlawful operation of a vehicle. Miranda was charged with running a stop sign, DUI less safe, open container and driving while suspended. According to the report, “Deputy Sharpe also served Mr. Miranda with an administrative license suspension and implied consent DDS 1205 (Rev. 05/17) to Mr. Miranda for refusing the designated state-administered test. Mr. Miranda was not eligible for a temporary driving permit due to him being already suspended by the state of Georgia.”