NWGA Scanner | August 26th, 2021

Dalton woman arrested for DUI child endangerment after 911 call from concerned citizen in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on August 20th, 2021, at approximately 1:12 PM, Deputy Greene responded to the area of Airport Road and Sane Road in reference to assisting Deputy Singleton with a DUI. According to the report, “Deputy Singleton stated he observed a vehicle behind him on Airport Road that matched the description of a BOLO that was given to dispatch by a caller at the gas station on Airport Road and GA-3. Deputy Singleton stated he pulled over to let the vehicle pass him, and he observed the vehicle failing to maintain a lane while driving on the roadway. Deputy Singleton followed the vehicle, which came to a stop on Sane Road. Deputy Singleton advised Deputy Greene that there was a male in the vehicle who was intoxicated and had walked away from the vehicle on foot. Deputy Singleton also advised there was a female driver and a juvenile in the back seat. Deputy Singleton stated he believed the female driver was not in any condition to operate the vehicle, especially with the child inside.” Deputy Greene approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, later identified as Amy Rosario, 35, of Dalton. According to the report, While speaking with Rosario, the first thing the deputy noticed was that she seemed very lethargic. She was speaking about her husband in a normal tone, and then she began crying. Then after crying for a few brief seconds, she spoke fine, like nothing was wrong. When asked where she was going and what road she was on, she gave several different answers that didn’t add up. According to the report, “While continuing to speak to Rosario, after approximately 6 minutes and 20 seconds, she reached her hand out to Deputy Greene and said, “nice to meet you.” Due to the conflicting statements, Rosario’s lethargic speaking, the back and forth speaking versus crying, and the fact that the husband was intoxicated, and the driving observed by Deputy Singleton, Deputy Greene decided to have Rosario go through standardized field sobriety.” Rosario agreed to perform field sobriety tasks to make sure she was safe to drive, and she agreed to do so. During field sobriety tests, Rosario showed a lack of coordination, difficulty standing, exceptionally poor, slurred, mumbled speech, and several other signs of impairment. Rosario was then placed under arrest for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol. Rosario was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where she was charged with DUI less safe, DUI child endangerment, open container, and failure to maintain lane. As with any DUI refusal arrest, the deputy filled out the ALS form for the state to suspend Rosario’s license for her refusal to take the state test under the Georgia Implied Consent.