NWGA Scanner | May 31st, 2022

Dalton woman assaults Gordon County deputies after fleeing from Varnell officer at speeds over 100 mph

According to a Varnell Police Department incident report, On May 11th, 2022, at 4:30 PM, Lt. Swilley was sitting stationary on GA-71 (Cleveland Highway) observing traffic when he checked a 2004 Scion with his radar traveling northbound at 90 mph in the 55 mph zone. The officer stopped the vehicle just north of Ola Drive. According to the report, “Lt. Swilley then approached the driver’s window and ask the driver (sole occupant) why she was traveling 90 mph. The driver, Brittney Star McRae, 33, of Dalton, stated it (speed) had just gotten away from her. Lt. Swilley then advised her that speed could get her arrested. She stated “Ok”. Lt. Swilley then asked for her driver’s license. Ms. McRae started looking through her vehicle. While looking, she opened the vehicle’s glove box and started to move things around when Lt. Swilley observed the handle of a loaded handgun. Lt. Swilley quickly explained to Ms. McRae she was required to inform law enforcement that she had a firearm in the vehicle and definitely not to touch it.” While Lt. Swilley was in his patrol vehicle he observed McRae shooting the middle finger to him to him several times. McRae was issued two citations for speeding and reckless driving. Lt. Swilley was explained the citations and instructed to sign the citations. According to the report, “She signed both citations “b***h”. Lt. Swilley instructed ms. McRae to sign the citations correctly; which she stated “that’s how I sign”. Lt. Swilley then ordered Ms. McRae out of the vehicle to be placed under arrest for failing to sign a lawful citation. Ms. McRae then quickly moved further inside the vehicle while pulling up a cell phone (possibly to start recording).” Lt. Swilley informed Whitfield dispatch for assistance. When McRae heard the name “Whitfield”, she stated “Oh no” and took off at a high rate of speed northbound GA-71 with Lt. Swilley’s ticket book on the vehicle’s top. Lt. Swilley ran back to his patrol vehicle and gave chase of McRae. During the pursuit speeds reached 100-105 mph. According to the report, “Ms. McRae’s vehicle was observed traveling across both northbound lanes, swerving around other vehicles and almost hitting at least two vehicles also traveling northbound. Lt. Swilley pursued Ms. McRae’s vehicle to about Tag Drive (almost the Tennessee/Georgia line) when Lt. Swilley decided to terminate the pursuit. Warrants for McRea’s arrest for felony fleeing attempting to elude, reckless driving, speeding, and obstruction x3.

According to a Gordon County Sherif’s Office incident report, “On Friday May 13th, 2022 at approximately 3:34 AM, Deputy Jinright was dispatched to 689 Chatsworth Highway (Express Inn) in reference to a verbal fight between tenants. According to the report, the hotel manager, who said the tenant in room 102 was being loud and causing a disturbance in the motel complex. She stated that she had several complaints that Brittney Star McRae was yelling and slamming doors. Deputies made contact with McRea at Room 102. McRea asked deputies what the problem was. The she was advised that of the problem and why deputies were there she stepped out the room and pointed at the adjacent room and said it was their fault. According to the report, “Ms. McRae then referred to herself as the “Devil” and “God”. Deputy Jinright was very concerned about Ms McRae’s mental status and requested an ambulance be en route for a mental evaluation.” McRae then attempted to slam the door in the Deputy’s face before the investigation was completed. The deputy was able to stop the door with his foot. While waiting for the ambulance Deputy Carnes who had arrived on scene noticed a plastic bag on the bed side table with a white crystal substance (meth) in it. According to the report, “Ms McRae continued talking about things in which made no sense. Ms. McRae then started getting upset. Ms McRae then took a fighting stance toward deputies.” McRae then started struggling and fighting with deputies who was attempting to place her under arrest. McRae was then taken to the ground where she was placed into handcuffs. According to the report, “Ms McRae then violently head butted a deputy multiple times. While escorting Ms McRae to the patrol unit she kicked deputies. Ms McRae was finally at the patrol unit and when asked to sit down in the car she refused and again started kicking, Ms McRae landed a violent kick to the groin of another deputy.  Before leaving the scene deputies went into Ms McRae’s room and retrieved the meth that was in plain sight on the bed side table. McRae was transported to the Gordon County Jail where she was charged with disorderly conduct, 3 Counts of felony obstruction of officers, possession of methamphetamine and placed on hold for Whitfield County for the Varnell PD warrants.

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On May 18th, 2022, Brittany McRae was transported from the Gordon County Jail to the Whitfield County booked on the felony warrants from Varnell PD.