NWGA Scanner | May 23rd, 2021

Dalton woman found lying on Walnut Avenue assaults officers during arrest

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on April 28th, 2021, at around 2:00 AM, Officer Bell was patrolling the area of West Walnut Avenue and Hamilton Connector. Officer Bell reported, “While [I] was turning south on to Hamilton Connector, [I] saw a female walking down the bridge on the sidewalk away from a bag and a bike. The female, identified as Jasmine Monique Molina, 22, of Dalton, saw the officer and immediately turned around. The officer turned his patrol vehicle around to attempt to make contact. Officer Bell reported, “As [I] was turning east on to West Walnut Avenue [I] saw the female lying in the westbound inside lane of Walnut Ave. [I] then turned my emergency lights on and gained the female’s attention. She then picked herself up in an aggressive manner and began walking towards the sidewalk yelling profanities towards me.” Jasmine was asked why she was lying in the roadway. Jasmine was very irate with the officer and said she was very angry. Jasmine continued yelling at the officer about how she was high on life. While Jasmine was yelling, the officer could smell what he thought was alcohol. The officer then advised Jasmine that she was under arrest. Jasmine then began to pull away and began resisting arrest. Sgt. Zimmerman arrived on the scene and helped with assisting Jasmine to the ground to gain better control of her. While on the ground, Jasmine continued to pull her arms into her body. Sgt. Zimmerman reported, “[I] began giving loud verbal commands, “Stop resisting,” “Get on the ground,” “we are not trying to hurt you,” “Stop resisting.”” While giving these commands, the female was kicking Officer Bell to the point it nearly made him lose his footing. Once on the ground, the female continued to kick and yell at officers. Sgt. Zimmerman reported, “The female was very sweaty, which made it more difficult to maintain control.” Jasmine stated that she “Was not going to f**king jail” and continued kicking the officer. Officers were able to get control of Jasmine and place her under arrest. According to the report, Jasmine’s leg was bleeding. Officers asked her if she wanted to be checked by EMS in which she advised, “No, I’m fine.” Jasmine was transported to Whitfield County Jail, charged with disorderly conduct, felony obstruction by violence, and pedestrian in the roadway.