NWGA Scanner | February 23rd, 2021

Detective awarded Dalton PD’s 2020 Officer of the Year

Also at this morning’s monthly meeting of the PSC, Dalton Police Chief Cliff Cason presented the agency’s Officer of the Year for 2020 with his award. Detective Charles Williams was honored as the department’s Top Cop last year in part for his excellent work in solving a series of industrial burglaries that plagued businesses in the south district of the city and also impacted businesses located in unincorporated areas of Whitfield County. Detective Williams’ work led to the arrest of Bryan Keith Shoopman and Gregory Henry Scott Dale in May on charges related to at least six burglaries in the city. The burglaries occurred in the overnight hours in the area of Callahan Road and Brickyard Road when those areas were deserted. The burglars broke through cinder block building walls to make entry, most likely with a sledge hammer, or by peeling back metal siding walls to get into metal buildings. Once inside, the burglars stole tools, and also broke into vending machines to steal not just the money inside, but also the drinks or snacks. Investigators believe that the burglars got more than $1,000 in cash and change from the machines they destroyed. During the course of the investigation, Dalton detectives recovered exterior surveillance video that showed the burglars using a Dodge Ram truck. While studying the video, an investigator noticed that one of the tail lights on the vehicle appeared to be dimmer than the other one as if it was damaged. While following up on another burglary in the area on Tuesday afternoon, Detective Williams happened to spot a Dodge Ram driving in the area with a damaged tail light covered by tape. After checking the truck’s license plate number, investigators traced the vehicle’s registered address back to Bryan Keith Shoopman and Gregory Henry Scott Dale. Investigators were then able to determine that Shoopman was one of the men seen on video committing the burglaries. Police made contact with Shoopman and Dale at their residence on Hill Circle and arrested them on burglary charges as well as other charges connected to the cases.