NWGA Scanner | June 8th, 2021

Drunk Calhoun man bites Gordon County deputy while violently resisting arrest after shooting at someone

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Monday, May 24th, 2021, at approximately 12:50 AM, Deputy J.T. Davis was dispatched to an address to meet with the complainant in reference to gunshots in the area. The complainant stated this was an ongoing issue and that he often hears gunshots coming from the same house late at night. Deputy Davis checked the area and located the driveway with a mailbox labeled 138 Nike Drive. Deputy Davis, along with Deputy Baldwin, approached the house. Deputies could hear loud music coming from inside the home. According to the report, “Deputy Davis knocked on the front door and announced “Sheriff’s Office” no one answered or came to the door. Deputy Davis looked through the window and could see several people inside quickly moving from across the room. Deputy Davis could also hear subjects speaking loudly to each other, which led him to believe there may be a domestic dispute taking place.” According to the report, Deputy Baldwin began speaking with a female subject, later identified to be Ms. Lisa Collum. Deputy Davis began moving to the front porch and observed a male subject later identified as Mr. Roy Pierce, 47, of Calhoun, standing just inside the storm door. According to the report, “Deputy Baldwin explained why they were at their home. At this time, Mr. Pierce and Ms. Collum interrupted Deputy Baldwin. Both stated Mr. Pierce shot at someone after they shot at him. Deputy Davis then asked Pierce to come outside. Mr. Pierce refused. Deputy Davis walked to the front door and attempted to open the storm door, so he could make sure Mr. Pierce was not concealing a weapon.” Pierce then violently jerked the door out of Deputy Davis’s hand. According to the report, “Pierce’s speech was slurred, and his eyes were watery. It was clear to Deputy Davis Mr. Pierce was most likely intoxicated.” Pierce refused again to come outside and told the deputy to get off his property. It was clear to the deputy at this time that Pierce was not going to comply willingly. According to the report, “Deputy Davis pulled the storm door open and attempted to pull Mr. Pierce from the door. Mr. Pierce pulled away and back into the house. Deputy Davis took Mr. Pierce to the ground in an attempt to gain control over him. Deputy Davis gave loud verbal commands for Mr. Pierce to put his hands behind his back. Mr.Pierce did not comply. Deputy Davis attempted to force Mr. Pierce’s hands behind his back. While doing so, Mr. Pierce bit Deputy Davis’ right forearm.” The deputy was able to pull his arm out of Pierce’s mouth. Collum then attempted to get involved leaning over the deputies who were attempting to gain control of Pierce. Collum was pushed back with an open hand from a deputy. After a struggle, deputies were able to get Pierce’s hands behind his back and placed them in cuffs. Deputies reported they could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on Pierce’s breath and person. Deputy Baldwin returned to the house, and located multiple spent 9mm shell casings by the rear porch. Pierce was transported to Gordon County Jail charged with firearm discharge while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers felony, reckless conduct causing harm to or endanger the safety. The deputy that was bite was treated for the bite wound on his arm at Advent Health.