NWGA Scanner | February 11th, 2021

Drunk Dalton man assaults and threatens officers after having limit cut off at bar

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on February 6th, 2021, at around 2:26 AM, officers were dispatched to Tenoch Bar located at 319 North Hamilton Street in reference to a male refusing to leave the bar. An officer spoke to a man who works security for the bar. Security stated that there was a Hispanic male inside wearing blue jeans and a red flannel shirt. Security stated that the male was highly intoxicated. Security stated that the bartender cut the highly intoxicated male off due to his level of intoxication. The man became angry and tried to fight staff but eventually calmed down. Security stated that the male then acquired drinks two more times when he was not supposed to. The male’s father and/or friends helped in getting him alcoholic beverages, according to security. Security stated that at this point, they then told the male to leave. Security stated that the male refused and took him down to the ground, causing security to have a bruise on his head. Several officers arrived to assist the officer. At this point, the male, later identified as Mario Ayala-Blando, 32, of Dalton, came towards the officer. The officer asked Mario what was going on. Mario stumbled as he walked, and his speech was slurred. The officer reported, “[I] could smell the strong smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from the male’s breath. His eyes appeared glossy. The male seemed to be very confused by what was going on.” Mario stated that he was not drunk. Mario denied doing anything that was stated. Mario refused to give his identification and stated that he did not have his identification. Mario was then asked how he got into the bar if he did not have his identification. Mario advised officers to ask the bar staff. After several more attempts to obtain Mario’s identification, Mario continued to refuse to give officers his identification or tell them his name and date of birth. After several more failed attempts to identify Mario, officers reached for Mario’s arms to place in handcuffs. Mario tensed up and resisted our attempt to handcuff him. Officers then assisted Mario to the ground in an attempt to better control his arms. After a struggle to pull his arms free, they were able to handcuff the male while on the ground. Mario refused to stand up on his own accord. While officers were carrying Mario to a patrol vehicle, he kicked an officer on the right side of the face with his left foot. Mario continued to be difficult and refused to sit down in the patrol vehicle. It took several officers to finally get Mario in the back seat. While en route to the Whitfield County Jail, Mario threatened the officer and his family several times. Mario stated something about karma and that God was on his side. This audio was captured on his dash camera Mario refused to identify himself for booking staff and became physical with them as well. Mario did not have any type of identification on his person. Mario was charged with felony obstruction, two counts of misdemeanor obstruction, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and battery.