NWGA Scanner | May 18th, 2021

Drunk Dalton teen becomes belligerent during birthday party and assaults officer

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on May 2nd, 2021, Officer Herrera and Officer Bell were dispatched to an address in reference to a disturbance. As they were arriving on the scene, dispatch advised that the disturbance had turned physical. As officers approached the front door, they could hear banging from inside the residence. Officer Herrera then opened the front door to the enclosed porch due to the exigent circumstances and saw Angel Orozco, 18, of Dalton, inside banging on the door to the residence. Officer Bell reported, “We then told Angel to step outside the residence to speak with us. Angel then began to yell and throw his arms around. Angel then attempted to close the door to the enclosed porch on us in an attempt to lock us out. Officer Herrera and myself were able to stop the door from closing and forced the door back open.” They then grabbed Angel’s arms to place him under arrest. Angel began to violently resist arrest as he began to pull his arms back in front of him. Officers were then able to place Angel in handcuffs. Officer Bell reported, “While walking to my patrol car, Angel kicked behind himself and struck me in my groin. [I] then performed a leg sweep and assisted Angel to the ground and placed Angel in a control hold until Officer Herrera arrived at my location to assist with getting Angel into the patrol car.” Angel refused to speak about what had happened. Angle’s brother stated they had gone to a quinceanera earlier in the night where Angel was drinking underage. He stated that Angel became belligerent and caused a scene at the quinceanera and was asked to leave. Angel began to argue with his family about him drinking underage and causing a huge scene at the quinceanera. The brother stated that Angel then threw a punch at him, which struck him on the left eye. He advised a fight ensued with punches being thrown. Another family member then stepped in to stop the fight in which Angel bit his left hand, leaving a mark and blood from his bleeding nose. The brother stated everyone then went inside and locked Angel out of the house. Angel then proceeded to kick the door to the enclosed porch in, causing damage to the door frame. Angel then began to bang on the front door of the house, and that is when officers arrived on the scene. Angel was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with battery, battery, family violence (1st offense), criminal trespass, damage of $500 or less, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, obstruction of officer resulting in injury, and furnish/purchase/possess of alcohol by a minor.