NWGA Scanner | February 27th, 2022

Drunk driver becomes belligerent after pursuit in LaFayette ends in the Walker County Sheriff’s Office parking lot

According to a LaFayette Police Department incident report, on February 16th, 2022, an officer started following the Olds Cutlass after he saw alcoholic beverage cans being tossed out of windows on both sides of the vehicle. According to the report, The car then swerved into the opposing lane of travel and picked up speed on Patton. As the vehicle attempted to elude, the officer became convinced that the driver was impaired. The chase ended as the vehicle turned into the parking lot of the Walker County Sheriff’s Department, made a U-turn, and then parked. The driver Jeremiah N. Weed, 44, of LaFayette, was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. Weed was arrested and booked into the Walker County Jail, charged with driving under the influence, attempting to elude police, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey traffic control devices, and no insurance. The female passenger, who owned the car, had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Catoosa County. According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, at around 10:41 PM, K-9 Deputy Doyle responded to the Walker County Jail located at 105 South Duke Street In reference to the jail staff of the Walker County detention facility requesting help with an inmate that was intoxicated, and very belligerent throwing change in holding 1. Deputy Doyle reported, “Upon making contact with Jeremy Weed [I] observed him be very belligerent, and yelling/cussing while continuously reaching into his pants pulling out pocket change. Cpl. Broome and Deputy Small then entered into holding one to make contact. [I] then observed Mr. Weed’s body to be very tense and would not listen to Cpl. Broome’s commands to relax. Cpl. Broome then approached Mr. Weed. Mr. Weed then took an aggressive stance and squared up to Cpl. Broome in an aggressive manner. Cpl. Broome then swept Mr. Weed’s legs and took positive control over Mr. Weed on the ground.” Weed then began yelling, “You did not search me properly again, mother f***er’s.” Mr. Weed then grabbed his crotch area and began shaking it with vigor making more pocket change jingle within his. Deputy Doyle reported, “He then removed his hand from his underwear, and balled his fist where he then threw change striking deputy small, and myself. Mr. Weed then began to approach the door once again with his body rigid and tense with his fist balled up. After several loud verbal commands for him to calm down, give us his hands, and Mr. Weed not being compliant while struggling with deputy small [I] warned him that he would get Tased if he did not comply Then gave him multiple warnings that he would be tased, and he still would not comply. [I] then drive stunned him on the back right shoulder blade to gain compliance. Deputy small and myself then gained positive control where we then removed his underwear and the excess pocket change without further incident.” Weed was then charged with obstruction.