NWGA Scanner | August 3rd, 2021

Drunk man points loaded gun at bouncer and Dalton bar owner after being confronted about assaulting wife

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on July 17th, 2021, at approximately 12:58 AM, oFFICER Mullinax, Officer Morang, Officer Mcdaniel, and Lt. Thompson responded to the Crescent City Tavern located at 324 South Depot Street in reference to a male subject with a gun. According to the report, Prior to arrival, Whitfield County dispatch said that the male subject, later identified as Carlos Alberto Quintanilla-Hernandez, 44, of Dalton, pulled a gun on two of the bouncers and was leaving the scene on foot. Officer Mullinax arrived on the scene and located Carlos and another male, identified as Zachary, on the sidewalk on South Depot Street. Officer Mullinax reported, “As [I] drove towards the two, they appeared to be talking to each other. As [I] continued approaching them, they both turned and looked at me. [I] stopped my car and began to get out. When [I] did, they turned away from me and stood shoulder to shoulder with each other. It appeared as though Carlos was handing Zach something, then Zach was trying to conceal the item in his waistband. [I] walked around my car and drew my gun. [I] held my gun at a low position, pointing it towards the ground, as [I] continued approaching. [I] began giving loud verbal commands for them to show me their hands. Both subjects turned and looked at me, then turned back, while Zach continued to conceal something in his waistband. [I] pointed my gun at Zach and continued to give verbal commands for both of them to show me their hands. They looked at me again and turned around to face me. [I] saw that Zach was holding a black handgun. He held it out to his side, pointing it away from me. He bent down and placed the gun on the ground and stood back up with both hands in the air.” According to the report, Carlos was within 10 feet of the gun and was on his knees. He seemed very irate and refused to get all the way on the ground like the officer instructed him to. Both Carlos and Zack complied with commands and were detained. While waiting for other officers to arrive, Carlos’ demeanor continued to escalate he Carlos’ demeanor continued to escalate as he continued to yell and cuss at the officer. Officer Mullinax reported, “[I] kept him on his stomach, in handcuffs until officers arrived. Carlos smelled of alcoholic beverages, and his speech was very slurred. The 911 caller stated he and other subjects in the bar had observed Carlos beating on his wife while they were inside. He said that he saw the two walkings outside to the porch area. He said that he then saw Carlos push her against the railing of the porch and strike her with the gun, causing a severe laceration to the area around her eye, as well as a substantial amount of swelling. A bouncer and the owner of the bar confronted Carlos. According to the report, that is when Carlos, who was holding the gun, retrieved a magazine and chambered a round. The witness said that he then pointed the gun at both the bouncer and the owner of the bar. Both the bouncer and the owner of the bar confirmed the witness’s story. Carlos was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault x2, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, public drunkenness, possession, and carrying of a concealed weapon. At the jail, Carlos blew a .157 on an Alco-Sensor.