NWGA Scanner | April 24th, 2021

Drunk pair arrested after Floyd County gas station attendant prevents them from driving off

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021, at around 1:33 AM, Officer Forrister responded to the Service Station at 1407 Kingston Highway. When the officer arrived, both Deputy Bohannon with the Floyd County Sheriffs Office and Officer McMeekin with Floyd County Police Department was speaking to a male and female later identified as Matthew Holmes, 25, of Catersville, and Mollie Medlock, 24, of Rome, outside of a vehicle parked in front of the gas station. Officer Forrister reported, “It was immediately apparent that both the Matthew and female Mollie were under the influence of alcohol based on their slurred speech, inability to maintain balance, and the smell of both alcoholic beverage and marijuana coming from both persons.” The gas station attendant advised while she was working the register, Medlock came to her register, and when she went to pay, she began to hand over a larger amount of money than what was needed, and that caused her to be suspicious that something was wrong. According to the report, “She then saw Medlock walkout side and while attempting to get into the driver seat of the vehicle that Medlock had fallen on to the ground. She went outside to tell the passenger he would need to drive, and that’s when she realized that the passenger (Holmes) appeared to be passed out drunk in the vehicle.” The attendant advised she pressed the push-button start of the vehicle to turn it off then took the keys. She then walked over to the deputy and officer working a side employment job and informed them about the situation in order to prevent the pair from driving away while under the influence, potentially causing a crash. Both the deputy and officer on scene advised Officer Forrister that the two were under the influence. Officers learned that Medlock had been the one driving the vehicle and gathered that they had been drinking while at Mellow Mushroom on Broad Street before coming to the location. Deputy Bohannon made the decision to get a ride to come to get the pair instead of proceeding with any criminal charges. While he attempted to do this, both Holmes and Medlock had to be told multiple times to follow certain instructions, including to stop trying to get into their vehicle. Officer Forrister and Officer McMeekin remained on the scene until the Taxi driver arrived on the scene. Officer Forrister was then later advised by dispatch to return back to the gas station. The Taxi driver was now refusing to take them with them due to the fact that the pair had been using extremely foul language and that one of the parties had vomited inside her taxi. The Taxi Driver advised me that soon as she got down the road, the pair began to cuss about the police. She said Holmes wanted her to take them back so he could get his vehicle and leave. When the taxi driver refused to take them back so they could get in the car and drive away, they became upset. She said she did not want to take them any longer due to their condition. Both Medlock and Holmes were placed under arrest and transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with public drunk. The gas station attendant also advised she did not want the vehicle on the parking lot and had the vehicle towed from the scene. According to arrest reports, in 2020, Medlock was arrested for DUI after speeding on GA-20 in Floyd County.