NWGA Scanner | March 14th, 2022

Drunk Rome man arrested after attempting to violently assault Floyd County officer with metal pipe

According to a Floyd County Police Department, at 6:18 PM, Officer O’Bryan, was dispatched to 10 Lee Street for Pedestrian Under the Influence. Officer O’Bryan reported, “As [I] was en route to the scene, dispatch updated that there was a fight between the subject later identified as Donald Ross Collins Jr., 69, of Rome, and CPT Bohannon. When [I] arrived on the scene, [I] observed CPT Bohannon had Collins on the ground restrained from getting back onto his feet till we could arrive and place Collins in handcuffs. Officer Dollar, Officer Lanier, and Officer O’Bryan were able to take control of Collins and place handcuffs on him. According to the report, “While escorting Collins, he nearly fell numerous times while standing up and again almost fell because he could not pick up his feet to walk. While putting Collins into the patrol vehicle, he would not follow commands nor put his legs inside the vehicle due to his impairment, so PFC Lanier had to pull him from the other side of the vehicle to get him in the back seat. Collins was read implied consent for breath and refused. Officer reported that they observed Collins had very slurred speech. According to the report, “The first witness advised he observed the Collins drive up to 10 Lee Street and was rolling around on the ground after parking his truck in the driveway. The witness went to CPT. Bohannon to tell him about Collins rolling around. When the witness and CPT Bohannon arrived at the residence that Collins was located at, they spoke to Collins, who was yelling obscenities. CPT Bohannon had identified himself as Floyd County Police and displayed his badge to Collins. After this, Collins began walking to his vehicle to leave, but the witness observed and stated that Collins was too drunk to figure out how to drive his truck away. The witness advised officers that he had ever seen Collins around the area. Collins had come to see someone that used to reside at 10 Lee street that has not lived there for several years. According to the report, “When CPT Bohannon got up to the residence to talk to Collins, he told Collins to sit down on a plastic chair. When CPT Bohannon turned away to talk to 911, Collins was trying to walk away. As Collins was walking away, he was walking backward, and due to his level of intoxication, he fell on the ground. When he fell, CPT Bohannon told him to stay down till the responding units arrived. While Collins was on the ground, CPT Bohannon asked where Collins had driven from, to which Collins admitted to driving from town, and when Collins was asked which town, he said Rome. Collins, at this time, said he wanted to leave and began to try and get up, but CPT Bohannon kept Collins from getting to his feet. During this time, Collins kept grabbing CPT Bohannon’s pant legs. CPT Bohannon did reveal that he had his concealed carry on his ankle and did not want Collins to grab the gun.” Collins then grabbed the plastic chair and swung it at CPT. Bohannon. Collins then dropped the chair and grabbed a piece of a metal pipe, and raised it above his head, attempting to assault CPT Bohannon but wasn’t able to hit CPT Bohannon. A violent struggle ensued until another officer arrived on the scene. Collins was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, felony obstruction, criminal trespass, simple battery against a police officer, and DUI.