NWGA Scanner | June 15th, 2022

Drunk Trion woman arrested after driving recklessly through yard in Menlo striking fence and vehicle

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Saturday, June 11th, 2022, at or around 3:53 AM, Cpl. Corey Fielding, along with Deputies Garmany and Jacobs, responded to 218 Jamestown Road in reference to an intoxicated female on the property causing issues. Cpl. Fielding reported, “[I] arrived on scene at 04:07 AM and first observed a tan in color Jeep Cherokee resting in the ditch near the roadway. Once [I] exited my patrol vehicle, [I] could hear a female being argumentative and screaming with other subjects on scene. Upon approaching the residence, [I] had other responding officers stand-by wth the female while [I] spoke to the initial complainant.” While speaking to the caller, the deputy was advised that a female identified as Cheyanne Howard, 22, of Trion, had arrived back at the residence and was highly intoxicated. The man further advised that Howard at one point tried to leave the residence with her juvenile child, at which point the complainant refused to allow her to do so due to her intoxicated state. Howard then got into her vehicle and began driving in a reckless manner throughout his property. According to the report, “While Howard was doing so, she struck a vehicle parked in the driveway a total of two times (damage to rear cargo door and damage to driver’s side area) and then during the course of this incident she ran her vehicle into a ditch located at the foot of the property.” Cpl. Fielding reported, “While on scene and upon observing the scene, [I] did observe numerous spin marks in the yard along with spin marks at the foot of the driveway leading into the roadway then back onto the property (large amounts of gravel were also observed in the roadway that was slung from Ms. Howard’s vehicle), while on the scene [I] also observed that the neighbor’s fence had been damaged as well.” Deputy Garmany did obtain a breath sample from Howard on the portable Alco-Sensor, and she showed a BAC of .171. Howard was booked into the Chattooga County Jail, charged with reckless conduct, DUI, criminal trespass, and failure to report a striking vehicle