NWGA Scanner | February 27th, 2022

DUI driver arrested after pursuit goes through trailer park in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on February 18th, 2022, at 3:11 AM, Officer Surrett was patrolling the area of Wax Road. Officer Surrett reported, “While patrolling, the vehicle in front of me displayed no working tag lights. Upon asking dispatch to run the tag number, they informed me that the vehicle had suspended registration. [I] activated my patrol vehicle blue lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop with the vehicle, and they continued to drive. [I] informed dispatch that we were still rolling at 30 miles per hour and that at that time [I] believed the driver was looking for a safe place to stop. While still behind the vehicle, we reached 40 miles per hour and continued to drive down Wax Road. [I] informed dispatch that we were coming up on Harmony Road. Upon reaching Harmony Road. the vehicle came to a stop at the stop sign, and the driver placed the vehicle in park.[I] placed my patrol vehicle in park and advised dispatch that we had stopped.” While the officer was exiting his patrol vehicle, the vehicle drove off in an aggressive manner. While getting back into the patrol vehicle, he advised dispatch that he was now in pursuit of the vehicle. During the pursuit, the driver, later identified as Emily Louise Fowler, 37, of Rome, crossed the center line going into the opposite lane while negotiating a curve. The vehicle then came back into the proper lane traveling at 59 miles per hour. The vehicle began to slow down and turned into 2127 Wax Road. Officer Surrett reported, “As [I] continued pursuing the vehicle through a trailer park, we came to a stop at Lloyd Road.” Emily then stopped and got out of the driver’s side of the vehicle. The officer drew his duty weapon and ordered Emily to show her hands. While ordering Emily to show me her hands, she stated to the officer that she was not driving the vehicle. Emily insisted that she wasn’t the one driving the vehicle. According to the report, “While searching the vehicle, officers noticed multiple small open bottles of liquor. Emily advised she had been drinking.” Emily was then transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with improper tail light requirements, failure to maintain lane, felony fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, obstruction of an officer- felony, driving under the influence of alcohol, probation violation (when probation terms are altered) – felony.