NWGA Scanner | February 13th, 2021

Fairmount man wanted on felony warrants kicks and threatens to kill Whitfield County deputies

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on October 20th, 2020, at approximately 8:13 PM, a deputy was assisting another deputy with a DUI in the parking lot of the Mapco at 1912 Chattanooga Road. A deputy was flagged down by a woman who informed the deputy that she owned a car lot in Calhoun. She advised that they had been looking for a vehicle to repossess for quite some time, and they had located it behind the Mapco. She said that the owner of the vehicle was Hunter Andrew Daughtrey, 23 of Fairmount, and based on information she had learned from his probation officer, he had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Daughtrey was inside of the Waffle House with one of his friends. She told deputies that Daughtrey identifies as a female and would most likely be wearing female clothing. Deputies confirmed that there were a felony probation warrant and a felony failure to appear warrant out for Daughtrey’s arrest. The original charge for the failure to appear warrant was three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of terroristic threats, cruelty to children, and criminal trespass. Deputies made contact with the occupant of the vehicle in question. The person gave the name of “Christopher Kimbrell” with a date of birth from 1993. Based on the most recent booking photo of Daughtrey, Deputies knew this was a false name. The subject he was speaking within the vehicle had a wig on; however, the facial features were the same as Daughtrey. He kept referring to the vehicle as “his,” which led the deputy further to believe that it was Daughtrey. While speaking with him, his legs were shaking uncontrollably, and his actions expressed extreme nervousness. Every time the deputy would ask a question about identification, he would come up with an excuse as to why he didn’t have it. The deputy gave Daughtrey one last opportunity to be honest with him, and he yelled “Christopher Kimbrell” again. When the deputy reached to grab ahold of his left arm to escort him to the patrol vehicle, Daughtrey took off running away from deputies while still in handcuffs. He ran approximately 10 yards before being apprehended by several deputies. While being escorted back to the patrol vehicle, Daughtrey brought his feet off of the ground and kicked a deputy in the chest. The kick made contact with the deputy’s body-worn camera and did not cause any injury. Deputies were able to get Daughtrey into the back of a deputy’s patrol vehicle without incident. While seated in the back seat, Daughtrey began striking his head on the patrol vehicle’s partition. The safety belt was not effective, and Daughtrey was able to slide it to the side and strike his head on the partition. Daughtrey yelled, “f**k you,” or other derogatory statements at deputies. Daughtrey made multiple threats to deputies on the scene, such as “I will kill all of ya.” Daughtrey continued to strike his head on the partition and make threats to kill deputies. On one occasion, he said, “I will f**king kill you when I find out who you are.” Daughtrey saw a deputy standing outside of the vehicle and said, “I will f**king kill you to pig, f**k you mother f**ker, f**k you.” He kept saying that if the handcuffs were taken off, he was going to strangle deputies and bite their noses off. While in a Jail cell, Daughtrey took off all of his clothes, urinated on the floor, and was threatening the detention staff with violence if they opened the padded cell door. One of the detention staff members tased Daughtrey, and they were able to get him in the restraint chair without further incident. Daughtrey was charged with giving a false name, DOB to law officers, willful obstruction, simple battery against law enforcement, and terroristic threats. Daughtrey was also served the felony probation warrant and the felony bench warrant.