NWGA Scanner | March 30th, 2022

Father and daughter arrested after deceased man’s house is burglarized, vehicle is stolen in Rome

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on March 10th, 2022, at 11:45 a.m. a call came into dispatch about a female that was shoplifting at Diprima’s shoes located at 2918 Matha Berry Highway. According to the report, “The complainant stated that a heavy set white female wearing shorts and having tattoos on the back of her thighs that appeared to be BOWS had just stolen two pair of shoes and left the business and got into a small gray Ford Fusion with the tag number of RKI-9325. The female was leaving the lot and heading north on Old Dalton Road. The vehicle was described as having a small triangle-shaped window broken out on the back driver-side passenger door window. Officers were in the area trying to locate the vehicle but were unable to find it.” The tag number tag RKI-9325 came back to a 2010 Ford Fusion gray in color to a deceased man, and another officer found out that the man had been deceased since July 2021. According to the report, the listed address (Charlton Street in Rome) the vehicle came back to had been ransacked and burglarized after the owner had passed away. On March 18th, 2022, at 9:45 AM, FCPD Officer McCarley was traveling east on Broad Street, coming up on 5th Avenue making a left turn heading to the courthouse. He observed the Ford Fusion turning onto 5th Avenue. Officer McCarley reported, “The vehicle turned into the courthouse lot, and [I] was able to make out the tag number that [I] had written down from a week before, and it matched the BOLO vehicle. As [I] pulled in behind them, [I] realized [I] could not stop due to the amount of traffic that was flowing in for court that morning. So [I] had to circle around while trying to watch them, and by the time [I] got around to them, they had already exited the vehicle and were running toward the courthouse. [I] had the deputies inside who were scanning people as they entered to stop the male subject in the black jacket and the female behind him with a yellow top on. As [I] entered the entrance of the courthouse lobby, the male said to me that he knew [I] was going to stop them because he knew who [I] was and that [I] would remember him. He said that [I] had arrested him before on driving while suspended.” Richard Rene Bagley, 52, of Rome, and his daughter Cierra Danielle Bagley, 26, of Rome, were both placed under arrest. The vehicle was confirmed stolen, and Cierra was confirmed to have a felony warrant. According to the report, “Cierra stated that she had already been arrested on the Diprima’s shoplifting case and the Paula’s shoplifting on Broad Street case. When asked about the Armuchee business “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” shoplifting, she stated that it has cleared up since she gave the items back to the owner, who followed her out of the store and demanded the items be returned. However, she did not return all the items, and the owner still wanted to press charges for the shoplifting.” Richard Bagley stated that he had not participated in any of the shoplifting and had nothing to do with them. He was checked through GCIC, and it was confirmed that he, in fact, had a suspended license. Officer McCarley reported, “After the interview, [I] had Bagley sit in a room until the paperwork was finished so that he could be transported to the jail. Bagley began knocking on the door of the room he was in, and when I asked him what he needed, he said that he had to use the restroom. When he was done and [I] was walking him back to the room, [I] told him that [I] know as well as he does that there is not a Bill of Sale anywhere with their victim’s name on it showing that you Richard Bagley gave him $2500.00 for the sale of his Ford Fusion because you never had that kind of money to purchase the vehicle. Bagley looked back at me and said OK. You want the truth, and I’ll tell you the truth.” He said after he read that the victim had passed away, he went to the residence at Charlton Street and went inside, burglarizing the house. He said he only went inside only to locate the car keys. During the process of looking for the key, he said he went through several drawers and nightstands. He advised the officer he was only borrowing the vehicle for a little while. An investigator located meth in the passenger side door pocket on sheets of aluminum foil. As Cierra was being transported to the Floyd County Jail, she asked why she was being charged with the possession of meth because her dad Richard was supposed to claim it and take charge. I told her that I was not told anything by him about him claiming to be the owner of the suspected meth. Officer McCarley reported, “Upon returning back to the station to pick up Richard, he to asked me what his charges were and when [I] mentioned the possession charge for the meth, he asked me why he was being charged because it was obvious that it wasn’t his because he was driving and the meth was on the passenger side of the car in the door pocket. [I] told him he could dispute that with the court, but for now, that was his charges.” Cierra was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with theft by shoplifting, felony probation violation, and possession of meth. Richard was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with felony theft by taking a vehicle, burglary first-degree, driving while license suspended, and possession of meth. According to arrest records, both Richard and Cierra have a very lengthy criminal history. Richard was also just arrest in February by Cartersville PD on felony shoplifting charges in Bartow County.