NWGA Scanner | January 25th, 2022

Felon found in possession of guns and false ID while loitering at The Oyster Pub in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022, at around 1:38 AM, Officer McBrayer was patrolling the parking lot of The Oyster Pub at 933 Market Street in reference to people loitering. Officer McBrayer reported, “Over the last several weeks, there have been an increasing number of people loitering in their vehicles smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol in their parked vehicles. Dalton City ordinance 6-9 states that “It shall be unlawful for any person to drink, consume, transport, carry alcoholic beverage (except in the original package and with the seal unbroken), on any public street, sidewalk, or in any city park, the city maintained recreation facility, public parking lot or semi-public parking lot located with the city limits. The term “Semi-public parking lot” shall include any area wherein motor vehicles are parked by the public in conjunction with any business, enterprise, commercial establishment, office building, or apartment building.” Due to this ordinance being in place, [I] have been patrolling this parking lot looking for people who are sitting in their vehicle and making no apparent attempt to exit their vehicle to go into a business. While [I] was patrolling the parking lot, [I] was stationary in my patrol car watching people walking in the parking lot. While [I] was watching, two black males caught my attention as they were exiting the breezeway between the two buildings in this strip mall. The area in which they were returning from does not lead to a business that was open for business at this time of night, which was approximately 1:30 AM. Based on my experience of this area, [I] have personally caught people using illegal substances in this same breezeway.” As the officer watched both men, he observed they made no attempt to enter The Oyster Pub
According to the report, The male in a black hoodie seemed to stand behind a pillar in a manner that appeared to try to conceal himself. After a couple of minutes, the officer made contact with them in a tier-one encounter and asked them if they were staying or leaving. Officer McBrayer reported, “Both males told me that they were staying at which time [I] told them that they needed to remain in the establishment until they were ready to leave.” While searching the parking lot further, Officer McBrayer came upon a gray in color Nissan passenger car with a black male sitting in the driver seat. The officer made his way to the driver’s door and realized that this was the same male in the black hoodie that he had just observed wandering around the parking lot who had told him that he was staying in the bar. Officer McBrayer reported, “[I] asked him why he did not stay in the bar, and he told me that he did not have his identification and that he had just found it in the car to go inside. [I] then asked him for this ID, and he provided a Georgia driver’s license belonging to Tyrin Lamar Ferguson. Officer arrived and assisted Officer McBrayer. The other male that was observed with the man was later identified as Tenorris Wright, 34, of Rome, approached officers asking what was going on. According to the report, The Ferguson ID returned with a valid warrant. As a female approached, the male sitting in the car turned quickly and started to stand up. Officer McBrayer reported, “This mannerism raised my concern for the situation because he appeared to be trying to exit the vehicle quickly. [I] did not know if he was trying to flee or fight. [I] stopped him before he could stand and told him if he moved quickly again [I] was going to place him in my patrol car. While we were trying to confirm the warrant and if they wanted to place a hold, something told me to look in the back window directly behind the driver seat where he was seated. When [I] looked through the window with my flashlight, [I] immediately observed the grip of a pistol lying in the back floorboard directly behind the driver. This weapon was not in a holster and was laying in plain view.” Based on this observation and the actions of the driver, the officer quickly grabbed him and placed him in handcuffs. According to the report, When the male advised that he had a warrant. He then stuttered and told the officer that he would tell him his real name. He told me that his name was Charles Echols, 30, of Rome. Officer Bell then located two guns in the vehicle. According to the report, Echols stated he did not know about the weapons considering it was found right beside him in the floor. He continued to tell the officer that he did not know anything about the firearms. Echols, who has a lengthy criminal history, was confirmed to be a convicted felon. According to the report, Passenger Tenorris Wright attempted to claim both guns were his in an attempt to try and reduce the felony charges against his friend Echols. Tenorris Wright was confirmed not to be a convicted felon even though he had been arrested several times for felonies. Echols was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with felon in possession of a firearm x2, felony identity fraud, false identification, false name and birthdate to law enforcement, and loitering and prowling.