NWGA Scanner | September 13th, 2021

Felon found trafficking drugs again after driving reckless in Dalton while DUI with small child

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on the 2nd, 2021, at approximately 8:55 PM, Officer Hammontree was stationary at King Door located at 1802 Abutment Road, observing traffic and operating a stalker lidar hand-held speed detection device. Officer Hammontree reported, “During this time, [I] observed a white GMC Yukon traveling north on Abutment Road in the inside lane at a high rate of speed and passing other vehicles. [I] checked the vehicle’s speed and observed it to be 74 mph in a 45 mph zone. Once the vehicle had passed [I] attempted to catch up to the Yukon while utilizing my vehicle’s lights and siren.” Near the intersection of Abutment Road and V D Parrott Jr Pkwy, the officer lost visual. The officer advised he was uncertain if it was actively fleeing. Officer Hammontree reported, “[I] based this assumption due to the fact approximately one hour earlier, [I] attempted to stop this vehicle going south on Abutment Road when it was traveling approximately 75 mph (after being checked by the same speed detection device). [I] was unsuccessful during this attempt due to a malfunction with my vehicle’s siren, which [I] later repaired.” This led the officer to be uncertain if the driver was fleeing or he was just normally a reckless driver. The officer was driving with due regard for other motorists on the roadway. According to the report, when the officer reached Dalton Fire Station #2 and observed fresh tire markings and smoke where the vehicle had recklessly turned into a nearby parking lot just north of the fire station. Officer Hammontree reported, “[I] then saw the vehicle driving in an open grass area where it collided with a tree. At this time, [I] parked my vehicle with the lights still activated and called out to the driver to stop while [I] was still approximately 50 yards away. [I] then saw the driver (later identified as Matthew Bradley Reynolds, 33, of Dalton) back the Yukon up and begin to drive towards my direction and exit onto Abutment Road. The Yukon fled the area at a high rate of speed which [I] gave dispatch lookout information with a partial tag of “bpx” and a male driver wearing a white shirt. At this time, [I] did not attempt to pursue the vehicle and went back in service.” A Whitfield County deputy observed Reynolds crash through a fence near the intersection of Abutment Road and Antioch Road cutoff Road. The deputy gave chase with Reynolds, who was wearing a white shirt that was fleeing on foot from the vehicle. The deputy and Officer Walker assisted in taking the Reynolds into custody. Officer Hammontree reported, “Reynolds was searched by the incident to arrest which two glass smoking pipes with white residue were located in his pocket. [I] immediately recognized these to be devices commonly used for the ingestion of methamphetamine. Also on Reynolds’ person, inside his pants, were several plastic baggies. One of which contained a white powder substance that later field tested positive for cocaine. This bag of suspected cocaine held not only the substance in question, but also several other small baggies with a similar substance that was package for individual sale. The other bag held multi-colored tablets that appeared like children’s candy. From my previous training, knowledge, and experience [I] suspected these to be estacy. [I] later field tested this substance at the police services center where it did result positive for estacy.” According to the report, A further search revealed the convicted felon was in possession of a Glock 45 that was slid down his right pants leg and was removed from the bottom near his foot. The firearm was loaded and had a round in the firing chamber ready to be used. More small baggies of suspected methamphetami were located in Reynolds’ pocket. While searching Reynolds, a large amount of credit/debit cards were located along with $747.00 in cash, with all being $20.00 bills with the exception of seven (7) $1.00 Bills. Officer Hammontree reported, “During the search, [I] detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from Reynolds’s breath as he was breathing heavily. As he was escorted to a Dalton police vehicle, [I] noticed he was unsteady on his feet and had a slow speech pattern. Once he was seated into a vehicle [I] read him, Georgia implied consent. While reading this, Reynolds appeared to pass out or be sleeping.” Eventually, Reynolds refused to submit a state breath sample. According to the report, a young juvenile was inside the vehicle during the incident. She was checked out by EMS with no apparent injuries. A black bag was recovered from the vehicle that contained a loaded 30 round 9mm magazine, a large amount of suspected marijuana. Also located was a digital scale with white residue and a glass smoking device that is commonly used for the ingestion of marijuana. Also inside the vehicle was a blue plastic cup in the driver’s cup holder that contained a dark liquor that had a strong odor of alcohol. Reynolds was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with speeding, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane (2 counts), felony fleeing or attempting to elude, DUI alcohol-less safe, open container, driving while unlicensed, improper use of turn lane, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, DUI child endangerment, cruelty to children 1st degree, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, reckless conduct, possession of drug-related objects (3 counts), possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance-ecstasy, criminal damage to property, possession of a controlled substance-marijuana, possession of a controlled substance-cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, possession with intent to distribute (3 counts), leaving the scene of an accident (2 counts), trafficking in ecstasy, and obstruction. According to online reports, Reynolds is no stranger to trafficking drugs. In 2017 the felon was bitten by Whitfield County Sheriff’s K-9 while being found with a large quantity of meth, ecstasy pills, hydrocodone pills, clonazepam pills, approximately five pounds of marijuana, digital scales, and a handgun.