NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2022

Florida man arrested for DUI after speeding and driving all over I-75 in Catoosa County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On August 27th, 2022, at 12:15 AM, Trooper Emilee Shackleford assisted Catoosa County Deputy Weaver with a DUI traffic stop on I-75 southbound near mile marker 342. Deputy Weaver stopped the 2015 GMC Canyon after observing the truck speeding at 90 mph near mile marker 345. According to the report, “Deputy Weaver advised that while attempting to stop the vehicle, the driver identified as David Matthew Garner, 50, of Lakeland, Florida, slowed down but continued to travel southbound for roughly three miles and failed to maintain its lane. Deputy Weaver advised that while talking to the driver, he detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage and also observed an open alcoholic beverage in the passenger seat.” Trooper Shackleford reported, “Garner immediately exhibited lethargic mannerisms, and [I] detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverages emitting from Mr. Garner. [I] also detected a strong odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle. [I] introduced myself to Mr. Garner and asked him if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages. Mr. Garner advised that he did not. [I] asked Mr. Garner when the last time he consumed an alcoholic beverage was. Mr. Garner advised last week. [I] explained to Mr. Garner that [I] could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage, and due to the open containers, [I] wanted to make sure he was okay to drive.” During field sobriety testing, Garner showed several signs of impairment and refused a PBT. Garner was then placed under arrest and agreed to the state testing of his blood. During a search of her vehicle, officers located a half-empty and open bottle of Titos Vodka in the passenger seat, three empty Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottles, and a half-empty bottle of wine in the passenger seat. Due to the odor of Marijuana, a vehicle search was conducted. Multiple containers of Marijuana, THC wax, and THC oils were located in a bag on the passenger seat. A half-empty can of Four Locos that was cool to the touch was located in the center console. Garner was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with DUI, alcohol less safe, failure to maintain lane, open container violation, possession of Marijuana, and speeding.