NWGA Scanner | March 17th, 2022

Florida man arrested for DUI after weaving all over the roadway in Dalton

According to Dalton Police Department incident report, on March 6th, 2022, 12:48 AM, While Officer Hughes was on patrol traveling north on Market Street. Officer Hughes reported, “[I] was stopped behind a black in color truck at the traffic light waiting for the light to turn green. When the light turned green both the truck and [I] made a left turn onto Walnut Avenue. As we were traveling past the lane to merge onto the entrance ramp to I-75 north the truck entered into the lane late. It then made the right turn and began traveling down the entrance ramp to I-75 north. As the truck traveled down the entrance ramp it was traveling between the right hand lane and the emergency lane. As the truck got to the end of the ramp it merged into the right hand travel lane of I-75. The truck did not adjust its speed for traffic traveling in the right hand lane and forced a vehicle already traveling in the lane to have to move over to the center lane abruptly. As [I] followed the truck on I-75 it was weaving within its lane. The truck was also weaving into the center lane and back across into the emergency lane. The truck continued northbound to exit 336. Once at the exit the truck exited I-75. As the truck traveled down the exit ramp the driver negotiated the curve at the bottom of the ramp wide and traveled through the area of roadway marked off with diagonal white lines. The truck came to a stop at the traffic light straddling the travel lane and the emergency lane. Once the traffic light turned green the truck made the left turn onto Chattanooga Road and began to travel north on it in the center lane. As the truck traveled north it was weaving within its lane.” the officer then initiated a traffic stop after observing the terrible driving. The officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Robert Calvin Keeler, 27, of Jasper, Florida. As the officer spoke to Keeler detected a slight odor of burnt marijuana. He could also smell a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. The driver’s eyes were very red and watery. Officer Hughes reported, “As [I] spoke to the driver he would only answer me by saying “I don’t answer any questions.” Mr. Keeler began asking if [I] could just speak to him where he was. [I] advised him no. [I] advised him again to step from his vehicle and to the rear of his vehicle. After about a minute of going back and forth with Mr. Keeler [I] was able to get him to step out of his vehicle and to the rear of his. As Mr. Keeler exited his vehicle he moved very slow and was unsteady on his feet. Once at the rear of his vehicle [I] had to tell him to step away from his vehicle due to him propping up against it. Mr. Keeler advised he was not going to take any tests.” Keeler was then placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state test. Keeler was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with DUI and weaving over the roadway.