NWGA Scanner | March 8th, 2022

Florida woman arrested after obstructing Gordon County deputies during traffic stop on I-75

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Monday, February 22, 2022 at approximately 10:26 PM, Deputy Rickett was patrolling in the area of I-75 NB in Gordon County when he observed a small silver car passing him at what appeared to be a high rate of speed.  According to the report, “Deputy Rickett observed a silver Nissan Altima bearing a Florida plate traveling in the fast lane. The weather outside on the above date was heavy rain with water standing on the roadways. Deputy Carnes was on I-75 NB on a traffic stop with what Deputies believed to be a stolen car. Deputy Rickett believed the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed away from where Deputy Carnes was at may have been involved.” The deputy reported the Nissan Altima’s speeds were at 97 miles per hour. The deputy activated his emergency lights and siren in attempt to pull the vehicle over. The Nissan Altima continued to travel approximately half of a mile around 98 miles per hour. The silver Nissan Altima pulled over to the right side of the roadway very close to the guard rail approximately one mile after the deputy activated his emergency equipment. According to the report, “Upon approaching the vehicle Deputy Rickett met with Mrs. Khadijah Regine Lee, 28, of Tampa, Florida. Mrs. Lee rolled the window down only around 3-4 inches. Due to the heavy rain, vehicles passing and the fact Deputy Rickett was having to stand on the other side of the guard rail Deputy Rickett was having trouble hearing Mrs. Lee. Deputy Rickett advised Mrs. Lee to roll down the window. Deputy Rickett then heard extremely loud music coming from the radio. Deputy Rickett advised Mrs. Lee to turn the music down. Mrs. Lee advised Deputy Rickett she did not know why Deputy Rickett was screaming and yelling at her Deputy Rickett immediately smelled an odor of what he believed to be marijuana.” Deputy Stevens arrived on scene and advised Lee due to the odor the marijuana emitting from the vehicle deputies were going to conduct a search on the car. Lee got very upset advising she was not okay and did not want deputies to search her car. While being detained she began pulling away and began yelling something of the affect of “don’t touch my a**”. Lee continued to yell and obstruct deputies. Lee advised there was no marijuana in the vehicle. Deputies found marijuana during the search. Lee was transported to the Gordon County Jail charged with speeding, obstruction of law enforcement x2, too fast for the conditions,  possession of drug related objects, and possession of marijuana.