NWGA Scanner | March 25th, 2021

Florida woman with a significant amount of meth after 911 call regarding erratic driver in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on March 16th, 2021, at around 4:02 PM, the Whitfield County 911 center received a call from a concerned citizen. The caller told 911 a white Altima was traveling in Danville and was all over the road and driving very erratic. The caller continued to update the 911 Center as the vehicle made several odd maneuvers. The caller advised the vehicle was headed back towards Highway 52. Deputy Warren was close to that area and responded to find the suspect vehicle. The deputy spotted the suspect and caller vehicle in the right lane on Highway 52 at Cherokee Drive, traveling westbound towards the Bypass. Whitfield County 911 advised the deputy he was behind the correct vehicle from the BOLO. The deputy immediately observed the vehicle fail to maintain a lane and initiated a traffic stop. The deputy spoke to the female driver identified by her Florida license as Isis L. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, 39, of Dalton. She advised the reason she failed to maintain the lane was because of the tires. Gonzalez-Rodriguez struggled to get her license out of her wallet and was observed as having bloodshot eyes with constricted pupils. The deputy conducted field sobriety tests but didn’t feel he had enough to charge her with DUI. He did believe Gonzalez-Rodriguez was intentionally driving an unsafe vehicle due to the tire tread being almost bare on both front tires, and Gonzales stating the tires caused her to drive off the road and fail to maintain lane. The deputy noticed Gonzalez-Rodriguez had a recent charge for possessing methamphetamine when running her information. The deputy was given consent to search the vehicle and located a white crystalize substance that appeared to be meth. A narcotics investigator was requested to the scene to assist. The deputy also located a black magnetic box with a similar substance in a handbag in a white container and a smoking device. Sgt. Dalton located a cigar box containing small clear bags and a clear glass smoking pipe. While moving the driver’s side mats, a black box fell from the brake pedal. Inside that box, there was more meth. There was an additional box with meth attached to the pedal mechanism. At the jail, Gonzalez-Rodriguez received an initial search and from within her bra flew out a small empty bag similar to the ones located in the vehicle. Sergeant Curtis advised that Gonzalez-Rodriguez had also concealed two small bags containing meth in her buttocks’ crevice. Gonzalez-Rodriguez was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine to distribute, trafficking in meth, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, driving unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle, and bondsman off bond x2.