NWGA Scanner | January 20th, 2022

Floyd County officer recovers stolen vehicle and stolen medication during traffic stop in Rome

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on December 7th, 2022, at around 11:17 AM, Officer Doan was responding to a meet in person on Alabama Highway. Officer Doan reported, “Prior to my arrival to the initial call, [I] was traveling in the innermost lane of Redmond Road preparing to make a left-hand turn onto Redmond Circle. While traveling in my lane, [I] observed a green Dodge Ram in the outermost lane that began to veer into my lane without using proper signals. The vehicle continued to veer until it was straddling the divider dashed line of the lanes. [I] honked my horn and was forced to veer over the divider line and into oncoming traffic. The vehicle then slowed down and was able to regain its proper lane, and [I] then followed in behind the vehicle. Once behind the vehicle, [I] activated my blue lights in an attempt to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle continued traveling and stopped in the right turn lane that would proceed onto Mathis Rd. The vehicle waited at the redlight however continued to stop and go until the light turned green and then made a right-hand turn onto Mathis Road. [I] followed behind the vehicle with my lights still activated and then turned my siren on to ensure the driver saw me. The vehicle traveled a few hundred feet more and then pulled into Kids Stop. The officer approached the vehicle and knocked on the driver-side window of the vehicle. After the driver, later identified as Manuel Lewis Finley, 58, of Rome, rolled the window down, the officer made contact with him. After detaining the Finley, the officer was made aware by Floyd County 911 that the vehicle he was driving and in possession of was reported stolen by the city of Rome PD. After Finley was placed into the back of the patrol vehicle, he advised the officer that he wanted his bible. While searching the stolen vehicle Officer, Doan discovered an orange prescription pill bottle made out to a woman and three empty bottles of liquor with liquid still inside of them. Officer Doan made then contact with the woman and asked about the prescriptions found in the vehicle. The woman advised the officer that her vehicle had been broken into in the parking lot of Redmond Medical Center and had been gone through, which resulted in her medication being stolen. Finley was then transported to the Floyd County Jail. According to the report, While en route to the jail, the victim of the stolen vehicle called the officer and stated that he “had a change of heart and did not want to press charges on Mr. Finley for stealing his vehicle.” Finley was then booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with theft by taking, entering an automobile with intent to commit a theft, driving on a suspended license, impeding the flow of traffic. Failure to maintain lane, three counts open container, and distracted hands-free violation. According to online records, Finley has a lengthy criminal history. In 2021, he broke into a vehicle at Redmond Family on East 2nd Avenue and stole several items.