NWGA Scanner | January 30th, 2022

Floyd County officers assaulted after Rome teens under the influence of drugs out joyriding become disorderly

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on January 18th, 2022, 7:38 PM, at around 7:38 PM, Officer Boatfield and Officer George were both dispatched to 5 Payne Road in reference to a fight. Dispatch advised that a male was in the front yard, causing an issue. They stated that he was in a white Ford Ranger. According to the report, The complainant advised that her niece’s boyfriend, Joshua Levi Cohely, 19, of Rome, had been out front of the house trying to get her niece to come home with him. She advised that Joshua appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug or alcohol. She stated that there was another male in the truck with him, but she did not know who it was. According to the report, Joshua became enraged and did donuts in the parking lot and in the neighbor’s muddy yard. She later advised Officer Pelanek, When officers left, the passenger, later identified as Austin Eugene Dean, 19, of Rome, was hanging out the passenger window screaming and cursing her out. According to the report, “A few moments later, She called 911 again alleging that the white Ford Ranger was back on the property.” Officers arrived and observed the truck in the driveway. Officer Boatfield reported, “[I] advised the male driver identified as Joshua Cohely to come to talk to me. He ignored me and then walked away toward Officer George. When [I] approached him, [I] asked if he could hear me. He advised that he could. [I] noticed that Joshua appeared to be very lethargic. He had droopy eyelids, slowed speech, and generally slow movements.” Officer George reported, “[I] told Austin the passenger who was knocking on the door of the residence to come here, and at this time, the Joshua exited the truck and began to walk toward me in a fast, aggressive manner. [I] then reached out my hand and informed Joshua to not approach me like that, and to take a step back. At this point, he stated, “well f**k you then” and walked back to his truck.” After further investigating, it was determined that Joshua was under the influence of drugs. According to the report, He stated that he took 3/4 of a Xanax (unprescribed) about two hours prior to driving. Officer Boatfield reported, “Since the situation had not yet escalated, [I] advised Joshua to find a ride home. The passenger, Austin Dean, was also noticeably intoxicated and had a suspended license.” Joshua became very aggressive with officers so they then decided that Joshua would be placed under arrest for DUI. According to the report, When the officer got the first cuff on, he jerked his arm back. He then began to resist the arrest. Officer George took him to the ground, and a violent altercation ensued. According to the report, officers were fighting with Joshua for several minutes. During the altercation, Officer George hit his head on a patrol vehicle, and Joshua kicked Officer Boatfield in her stomach. A citizen named Robert Horten also jumped in the melee and attempted to assist Floyd County officers in subduing Joshua. Once more officers arrived on the scene, Joshua was taken into custody. Lt. Pendley advised the officers to go to the hospital to be checked out for their injuries. The female complainant advised Officer Forrister Austin Dean had been part of the issue also. According to the report, She advised that Dean was drunk and that he had been knocking on her door after he had been told to leave her property and that during the altercation between Joshua and the Officers, Dean had been “running up on” the Officers. Another witness advised that Dean had been “acting a fool, acting like he was going to jump on people, acting like he was going to jump on the Officers”. Trooper Sanders advised that Dean was not under the influence of alcohol but was under the influence of Xanax. Joshua Cohely was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with public drunk, reckless driving, felony obstruction, disorderly conduct, and DUI. Austin Dean was booked into the Floyd County Jail, simple assault x2, public drunk, and disorderly conduct.