NWGA Scanner | March 24th, 2021

Fort Oglethorpe man charged with DUI again after several 911 calls about vehicle weaving all over I-75

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on March 14th, 2021, at approximately 9:26 AM, a BOLO was given out about a gray Nissan swerving in and out of lanes at I-75N mile marker 288. Multiple callers stated the possible drunk driver was traveling all over I-75. Trooper Chiesa was waiting around exit 326 as the callers continued to follow the vehicle. The trooper was able to catch up to the vehicle at I-75 northbound near mile marker 339. The trooper reported that there were several vehicles with their emergency flashers on driving safely behind the suspect vehicle as it weaved over all three lanes of traffic. The trooper stopped the vehicle immediately and made contact with the driver, identified as Jovonn Fray Darryn, 31, of Fort Oglethorpe. Trooper Chiesa reported, “[I] told him [I] observed him weaving over all three lanes and had received calls saying he had been doing it for some time. [I] immediately smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and asked him how much he had been drinking. Mr. Fray looked at me with his eyes half-opened. He appeared sleepy. [I] saw an open container in his reach located on the front passenger seat.” Fray said he needed to call his wife. The trooper advised that he needed to see his driver’s license and asked again where he was coming from. He appeared dazed and did not respond to the trooper’s questions. Trooper Chiesa reported, “[I] said “hello” to get his attention and asked where he was coming from again. Mr. Fray stated he was just going on. His speech was slurred and mumbled.” When asked to step out of the vehicle, Fray was just sitting there with a blank stare on his face. Fray Staggering out of the vehicle and almost fell over. The trooper had to catch him. Fray said he was coming from Fort O and said he went to see his kids. Fray stated that his kids lived in Woodstock. He stated at the left Woodstock at 1:30 PM. It was approximately 10:13 AM at the time. When asked how much had he had to drink, Fray staggered and turned around, putting his back towards the trooper. When asked what he was doing, Fray said he knew what the trooper was going to do. The trooper continued to try and have a conversation with Fray. The trooper again asked how much he had drunk. He shrugged to questions while looking dazed. Fray also had to be told a total of six times not to put his hands in his pockets. During field sobriety tests, Fray swayed and almost fell over into the trooper twice. Fray refused to blow into an alco-sensor. Fray was placed under arrest for DUI-driving under the influence. Fray refused the state’s implied consent. In the front passenger area, the trooper located a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman which was more than half gone, and an open can of Steel Reserve. While in the backseat, Fray stated he just wanted to go home, and he did say he realized he was weaving. Fray was transported to the Whitfield County jail and booked on charges of failure to maintain a single lane, driving while license suspended, open container violation, and DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol. The jail had Fray blow into an Alco-Sensor upon his arrival showing a positive BAC reading .356. Fray was arrested for DUI in the earlier morning hours of on February 14th, 2021 after he was checked going 103mph on I-75 in Whitfield.During the stop, the deputy found that Fray’s driver’s license was suspended through NCIC for implied consent refusal. In October of 2020, Fray was found DUI after several 911 calls about a vehicle stopped in the middle of I-75 in Whitfield County.