NWGA Scanner | December 16th, 2021

Gordon County deputy assaulted while investigating suspicious person in Plainville

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Friday, December 10th, 2021, at approximately 12:30 PM, Deputy J.D. Holley was dispatched to the area of 2425 Riverbend Road in reference to a suspicious person that had been in the area for the past 2-3 hours. According to the report, “dispatch described the suspicious person as a black male wearing maroon pants and a black hooded jacket. Deputy Holley arrived in the area and encountered several Gordon County workers clearing tree limbs from the edge of the roadway. Deputy Holley asked if they had seen anyone suspicious in the area. The subject stated he observed a black male and gave the same description as dispatch advised that he seemed to be acting suspicious. The subject stated he last saw the suspicious male walking on Riverbend Road towards Cutoff Road.” The deputy located the subject, later identified as Reginald Wiggins, 46, of Rome, in the 2000 block of Riverbend Road. The deputy exited his patrol vehicle and asked Wiggins how he was doing and if he minded talking to him for a second. The deputy asked him if he lived in the area. Wiggins turned toward the residence at 2124 Riverbend Road, pointed at the house, and stated, “I live right there”. According to the report, Deputy Holley had observed the residents that live at 2124 Riverbend Road while on routine patrol and had never seen Mr. Wiggins at the residence. Wiggins then stated he lived in East Rome and was going there. Wiggins then stated he was just going to the store.” The deputy advised Wiggins that he was going the opposite direction from any stores, and he stated he was just going to exercise. The deputy reported that he appeared to be disoriented and suspected he was possibly under the influence of an unknown drug. Wiggins even accused the deputy of not being a real law enforcement officer despite having on a full uniform and being in a fully marked patrol vehicle. When asked for his name Wiggins gave a fake name to the deputy. According to the report, “Wiggins was nervous during the encounter and tried walking away several times.” The deputy continued questioning Wiggins about his identity to ensure who he was. He asked him to step to the front of his patrol vehicle. Wiggins then backed away from the deputy and made a fist with his right hand. He then raised it towards his face as if he was about to physically fight the deputy. According to the report, “Deputy Holley continued trying to deescalate the situation and requested another unit respond to his location. Mr. Wiggins had a coffee cup in his hand , and stated you want to see this? Mr. Wiggins then removed the lid from the cup and made a motion that made Deputy Holley believe he was going to have hot coffee thrown on him. Deputy Holley ducked his head and grabbed Wiggins, forcing him to the ground.” When the deputy did this, Wiggins struck him in the face, which caused one of his fingers to poke into his eye. During the struggle, the deputy repeatedly gave Wiggins commands to stop resisting and place his hands behind his back. After a brief struggle, Wiggins was placed into handcuffs. Another witness approached the deputy and advised she had observed Wiggins standing in the middle of the roadway, acting strange earlier in the day. Wiggins was transported to the Gordon County Jail, where he was charged with felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer, simple battery on a law enforcement officer, and pedestrian under the influence.