NWGA Scanner | February 13th, 2021

Gordon County landlord and son arrested after threatening and damaging tenants vehicle

According to Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, at 7:01 PM, Deputy Stevens with the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office Uniformed Patrol Division was dispatched to 1406 Hill City Road Sugar Valley, GA in reference to a verbal fight between tenants and landlord. Responding deputies were advised that the parties had separated. Deputy Fox spoke with the property owner through an E-911 recorded line. The property owner Linda Turner, 73, of Sugar Valley, stated that she wanted the tenants thrown out immediately by law enforcement. Deputy Fox informed her that this was a civil issue, and deputies did not have the authority to remove tenants. Turner became irate and then threatened to “take the law into her own hands and remove the tenants at gunpoint”. Deputy Fox advised her very strongly against this action and warned her she would be charged and taken to jail. Both deputies then went back in service. At approximately 7:32 PM, Deputy Stevens was dispatched again to 1406 Hill City Road in reference to a physical fight. Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with property owner Linda Turner. She stated that she did not call 911 and stated that it must have been the tenants. From what Turner explained, she operates an Airbnb AKA bed and breakfast at 1406 Hill City Road. She noticed that the current tenants needed somewhere to stay and let them stay at that address for $ 100.00 a week until they could get situated to move back to North Carolina. The tenants had been paying Turner for almost a month when the residence at 1406 Hill City Rd was booked online through the Airbnb Company. This created a dilemma because Turner had already allowed the current tenants to rent from her at this address. Turner is also under contract through the online booking site “Airbnb” to allow online customers to book the address. Therefore when that address is booked, she is expected to oblige the request. Turner told the tenants they had to leave with very short notice and gave them a quick deadline to be out. The tenants are moving to Burnsville, NC, which is 4.5 hours away. The tenants had property inside the residence that needed to be moved the 4.5 hours away and only one vehicle to transport. Turner stated that she was upset and wanted the tenants removed immediately by law enforcement but was yet again told that the situation was a civil matter, and deputies could not forcibly remove tenants. She was given the proper information to contact Chief Constable Lacky with the Gordon County Magistrate Court to have an eviction served to the tenants. Turner continued to raise her voice with deputies and voiced her displeasure with the situation. Deputy spoke with the complainant regarding the situation. He stated that they were given a very short time to move all their belongings out of the residence and stated that he had just returned back from taking a load of items to his home in Burnsville, NC, which is 4.5 hours away. He stated that he had a friend come down to the residence from North Carolina to help him finish the movie. He stated that his plan was to be gone and moved out by Monday at 5:00 PM. He stated he was not trying to stay any longer than needed to move all of their items from the residence. Deputy Stevens asked why 911 was told there was a physical fight taking place. The victim stated that before deputies arrived, two men, including the property owner, walked into the residence they were residing in and demanded them to leave. All the tenants stated that Turner’s son Hubert Andrew Turner. Hubert entered the residence uninvited and unwelcome, possessing a long 2×6 piece of wood in his hand. According to all witnesses, Turner threatened to use the 2×6 on one of the female victims. According to all tenants, the two men entered and attempted to intimidate them into leaving the residence. According to one of the victims, the second man was Hubert’s son, but he was unable to provide a name. The two men left the residence before deputies arrived. Deputies advised Mrs. Turner that intimidation tactics and threats were illegal and would not be tolerated. Deputies advised Turner to leave the tenants alone and not to enter the residence with the intent to harass or intimidate the tenants. At approximately 9:39 PM, E-911 dispatched deputies once more to 1406 Hill City Road in reference to damage to property report. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the complainant regarding his vehicle, a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer that was parked on the property. The victim showed deputies the driver’s side window that had been completely smashed. He stated that he was sitting inside the residence at 1406 Hill City Road when he heard what he thought was a diesel truck outside. He went outside to check, and when he did, he saw a newer model red Dodge Ram diesel pickup truck backed up to his vehicle. As soon as he exited the residence, the red Dodge pickup spun tires, flinging up gravel, and headed down Coal Road toward GA 136. The victim went to his vehicle and noticed his driver’s side window was shattered out. He then called 911. Deputies inspected the vehicle and noticed a shattered window with glass flung across to the passenger side, indicating an impact from the outside of the vehicle. The deputy also noticed what appeared to be a footprint where someone kicked the driver’s side rear door scratching the paint and denting the door. The vehicle also appeared to have been keyed all the way around. Turner was reached win phone and advised of the situation where she advised her son drives a red Dodge Ram diesel pickup truck, which matched the description given by the victim. While trying to get Hubert’s information, Mrs. Turner continuously stated that she couldn’t get his number or didn’t know how to do it. Deputy Stevens attempted to get her address, and she refused to provide it. At one point, Turner stated that she did not want to cooperate with Deputy Stevens and would not provide any more information. She continued to evade all Deputy Stevens’s questions and would not provide information. The deputy advised that the investigation would continue with or without her cooperation, but her cooperation would be appreciated. She refused to cooperate, and she was advised warrants may be taken out for her son’s arrest. Turner did not seem to be concerned, and the call was ended. Warrants for Hubert Turner for simple assault, misdemeanor, and felony terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree as well as two counts of criminal trespass were issued for his arrest. Deputy Stevens also took state warrants on Linda Turner for felony terroristic threats and acts.