NWGA Scanner | December 13th, 2021

Habitual violator arrested after ingesting and attempting to destroy meth during traffic stop in Coosa

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on November 26th, 2021, at 11:37 PM, Officer Carlos Ribot was traveling west on Alabama Highway in the Coosa area. Officer Ribot reported, “[I] observed an SUV traveling west on the same roadway. [I] saw that the brake light system was flashing. The vehicle then moved to the fast lane to pass a vehicle. Then it went back to the slow lane. At the time, there was no other traffic, and [I] was not close to the vehicle. As [I] am getting close to the SUV, the vehicle slowed down to a speed under the speed limit. The speed limit in the area is 55MPH. [I] saw that the vehicle was veering to the right, and the passenger side tires were over the line. [I] checked the license plate with 911 Dispatch, and [I] was advised that the registration was canceled and the vehicle was not showing insurance coverage. At that point, [I] probable cause to stop the vehicle for the canceled registration, no insurance coverage, and failure to maintain lane.” The officer initiated a traffic stop in the Circle K Gas Station at 4118 Alabama Highway. Officer Ribot reported, “As the vehicle came to a complete stop, [I] saw the driver (Dusty Lee Hancock, 43, Cedar Bluff, Alabama) moving fast and jumping in the backseat area. At that point, [I] was unable to see what the driver was doing. It is not reasonable for a person to do this kind of action. At that point, [I] suspected that he was trying to reach for something or was trying to arm himself. That kind of actions raised my alertness and [I] felt that [I] was in danger. [I] pulled my service weapon and pointed it towards the vehicle. [I] moved to a position to try to see the driver’s action. [I] was also giving loud commands to ensure the safety of myself as well as the other people in the vehicle. [I] continued with the commands and tried to open the passenger side door. It was locked. [I] then told the driver, who was behind that door, to open the door. He was not complying. [I] saw the window rolling down. [I] had to use more verbal commands to get him to comply, [I] even used faulty language due to the high-stress level and dangerous situation.” More Floyd County Police Department units arrived to assist the officer with arresting Hancock. Sgt. Ward was on the scene and checked the information of the three subjects. According to the report, “They were advised that passenger Mr. Eric Ransom Fields, 49, of Alabama, was a wanted man in Mcintosh County. 911 Dispatch also advised that Mr. Hancock had a revoked driver’s license.” Officer Puckett and Wade were assisting. Mr. Hancock was complaining due to some medical issue. An ambulance was requested to the scene due to Hancock complaining about some medical issue. Officer Ribot reported, “Based on his reactions and body movements, it was possible that Mr. Hancock tried to swallow some type of contraband (drugs). Mr. Hancock even stated that he was not driving and the front passenger was the one driving. Mr. Hancock lied and provided false statements trying to acaccuser. Fields during the investigation.” Based on the odor of marijuana, a search of the SUV was conducted. Officer Ribot reported, “While searching the driver seat area, [I] saw a phone that was unlocked, and it was showing a message. The message had a person listed that [I] recognized due to a prior arrest. The message showed in plain view. It’s something [I] based on my experience it was a communication in violation of the Georgia Control Substance Act.” The officer also found two airsoft weapons and a flare gun. The airsoft rifle was modified, and it looked like a real rifle. Officers also located a small zip lock baggie under the driver seat with small crystal rocks inside. The baggie was placed in a manner that appeared as if somebody was trying to destroy it. Fields were arrested because his warrant was valid, and Mcintosh County requested the hold. Hancock was later booked into the Floyd County jail charged with driving while license suspended or revoked, felony habitual violator, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, tampering with evidence – felony, possession of methamphetamine, probation violation (when probation terms are altered) – felony, and driving with no insurance.