NWGA Scanner | May 11th, 2021

Illinois man arrested after 143 mph pursuit on I-75 in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on April 18th, 2021, at around 4:16 AM, Deputy Figg was working traffic on I-75 south at the 338 cut-through. Deputy Figg reported, “The vehicles traveling south in I-75 were for the most part traveling between 65 MPH and 80 MPH. Traffic was light at this time of night.” While working traffic, the deputy observed a vehicle traveling south on I-75 going from the left lane to the right lane then to the center lane at a high rate of speed. The deputy was able to get a quick reading on LASER showing the vehicle going 97 MPH in a posted 70 MPH Zone. Deputy Figg reported, “The vehicle was quickly gaining speed but was unable to get an update reading as the vehicle was weaving through traffic.” As the deputy attempted to catch up with the vehicle, he observed that the vehicle was continuing to gain speed. As they approached exit 336, the vehicle continued changing lanes without using a turn signal and increase speed while driving recklessly. The deputy advised dispatch he was in an active vehicle chase near exit 333 southbound on I-75. Deputy Figg advised Sgt Callahan of the reason for the stop was reckless driving. Deputy Figg reported, “The vehicle continued to go in and out of traffic even though the traffic on I-75 was light and there was no need to weave around vehicles. The vehicle continued to change lanes without using a turn signal and at times would cut vehicles short when doing a lane change.” The pursuit then reached speeds of 137 MPH as it continued southbound. As the pursuit approached the exit, 328 speeds reached 143 MPH, according to the report. At the 328 on-ramp, Deputies Hackney and Tabellion assisted Deputy Figg in the attempt to conduct the traffic stop. According to the report, “As the vehicle was coming up on the 326, Deputy Figg observed there were no cars in the way. Deputy Figg began to move in for the PIT and about to gain permission for the PIT when the vehicle suddenly slowed and pulled to the left shoulder, stopping about a half-mile just north of the 326 off-ramp. Deputy Figg conducted a felony stop on the vehicle. Deputy Figg brought the driver out first handcuffing him with Deputy Tabellion providing overwatch, as Deputy Hackney had the passenger covered.” The driver, identified as Brylan kentad Hill, 22, of Belleville, Illinois, was taken into custody at gunpoint along with his passenger. A baggy of marijuana was located in the console of the vehicle. Brylan was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with aggressive driving, reckless driving, single-lane violation, improper lane change, felony fleeing to elude, and driving without a driver’s license..