NWGA Scanner | January 16th, 2021

K-9 helps apprehend Alabama man resisting arrest during traffic stop in Rome, meth found in vehicle

According to Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Wednesday, December 24th, 2020, at around 7:00 PM, Floyd County K-9 Lt. Hovers was dispatched to the area of Payne Avenue in reference to suspicious vehicles riding up and down the dead-end road. Officer Hovers arrived and observed a white Ford pick up truck turn onto Payne Avenue as well. The truck quickly backed into a driveway, turned around, and left. Given the circumstances, the officer conducted a traffic stop ending in the lot of the Wishey Washey. Officer Hovers made contact with the driver identified as Christopher Mohler, 45, of Cedar Bluff, Alabama, and asked for his information while explaining the reason he was being stopped. K-9 Officer Hovers reported, “During this, he was asked to exit the vehicle and stand in front of my patrol vehicle while [I] had dispatch check his information. While waiting, [I] asked where he was coming from, and he first stated that they were coming from doing a job in Armuchee, had stopped by a store, and a female that his passenger identified as Christopher Hanes, 38 of Rome, knew had asked for a ride to Payne Ave. (Note: [I] never observed anyone exit the vehicle while [I] was turning around and keeping my eye on the truck).” Officer Hovers asked for his ID and returned back to his patrol vehicle in an attempt to have dispatch check him for warrants. Both Mohler and Hanes story didn’t match. Officer Hovers then observed Hanes exit the vehicle and flee on foot. Officer Hovers reported, “While speaking with the driver for a second time [I] had already noted that 1: [I] was given two different stories, 2: the passenger had fled from his vehicle so [I] was left with the assumption that there was some criminal activates afoot.” The officer asked Mohler what the deal was between the two, and he said he didn’t know. When asked if there where any dope in the vehicle, Mohler stated there was nothing in the vehicle that belongs to him (even-though the vehicle belonged to him). K-9 Officer Hovers asked if he could search his truck, and Mohler denied consent. While waiting on other officers to arrive on the scene, Officer Hovers deployed his partner K-9 Lex to conduct a free air sniff around the outer area of the vehicle. During his second pass, Lex alerted on the passenger side door by coming to a seated position and facing the door seem. Mohler asked the officer about the K-9’s alert. While the officer was trying to explain, Mohler refused to listen and became aggravated. Given the total of the circumstances, the officer felt the need to detain Mohler in handcuffs. Mohler, who was still arguing with the officer, imminently tensed up and began to pull away from the officer resting arrest. Mohler continued to resist by pulling away, grabbing the front push bar on the patrol vehicle to keep the officer from gaining control. Officer hovers advised the suspect if he didn’t quit fighting, he would deploy K-9 Lex. The struggle continued with Mohler resisting arrest. Officer Hovers disengaged while attempting to deploy K-9 Lex. During this is time, Mohler attempt to flee, but Officer Hovers was able to hold on to his shirt till K-9 Lex apprehended him. Once K-9 Lex had a stronghold, Mohler continued to stiffen up and avoid being cuffed. Rome Police Officer Brummit arrived on the scene to assist in cuffing Mohler. Once Mohler was cuffed, K-9 Lex was removed and placed back in the patrol vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, Officer Hovers located a small baggie of meth along with a glass smoking pipe with meth residue lying under the radio on the center console. Officer Hovers also located another small baggie of meth inside a plastic bag lying on the front passenger-side floorboard. Mohler was transported to the Floyd County Jail after being cleared at Floyd Medical Center. Mohler was booked charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug-related objects and obstruction. On December 29th, 2020, Floyd County Police Officers and Floyd County Sheriff Deputies went to an address on Alabama Highway and arrested Hanes without further incident. Hanes was booked into Floyd County Jail charged with possession of meth and failure to appear.