NWGA Scanner | August 9th, 2022

Kentucky man arrested after assaulting woman and violently choking nephew in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on July 26th, 2022, 5:16 PM, Officer Quijada and PFC. Sangphim were dispatched to 1203 Cave Spring Road, the Rhonda’s Gas Station, in reference to a possible fight. The victim, who is 18 years old, stated that he went to visit his uncle on Cole Street. The victim stated that when he arrived at his uncle’s house, he saw his uncle Albert Eugene Barger, 42, of Lewisport, KY, sitting on the couch. According to the report, “Barger got up from the couch and started walking toward him. The victim stated that Barger grabbed him by his throat and pushed him against the wall. Barger squeezed his neck to the point that he could not breathe for about 10 seconds. The victim stated that at this point, he was standing on the tips of his toes, trying to get Barber’s hands off him. Officer Quijada reported, “[I] was able to observe red marks on both sides of the victim’s neck, on one side of the victim’s neck there was a circular mark (consistent with the size a thumb would make), and on the other was a larger wider red mark consistent with several closed fingers. Dispatched advised me that Barger had an active warrant for Simple Battery F.V.A. (The warrant was issued after Barger threw a cup of sweet tea into a woman’s face.) The victim stated that he wanted to press charges against Barber for assaulting him. The victim was advised on how to obtain a TPO as well. [I] asked the victim why his uncle would do this to him. He stated his uncle held a grudge against him because he would not let him move in with him because of Barger’s drug usage.” Officers arrested Barger at his residence and advised him of an active warrant he had for simple battery that occurred the day prior. Barger was transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with aggravated assault, battery, and simple battery.