NWGA Scanner | July 7th, 2022

Kingston man arrested for DUI after 911 call from concerned motorist regarding vehicle driving all over the roadway

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On June 29th, 2022, at 12:26 AM, Officer Puckett responded to the Circle K gas station located at 1881 Calhoun Road in reference to a BOLO for a possible intoxicated driver. According to the report, A Ford Ranger was repeatedly failing to maintain its lane on GA 1 Loop N before turning onto Calhoun Road. After turning onto Calhoun Road, the truck reportedly went over the curb, through the grass, and ran over a bush before coming to a stop in a parking spot on the lot. Officer Puckett arrived and found the Ford Ranger running with the driver, later identified as Stephen Dale Suit, 37, of Kingston, leaning over the center console area of the truck. I exited my patrol vehicle and began to approach the driver’s side window of the vehicle. Officer Puckett reported, “Stephen was slurring his speech heavily while speaking with me. While speaking with Stephen, [I] was able to observe a white film-like residue forming around his lips and mouth. My training and experience allowed me to recognize this as a possible indicator of someone being intoxicated. when [I] asked Stephen how much he had been drinking, he told me “too much to be driving”. [I] asked Stephen where he was coming from, and he told me that he was traveling from Big Texas Valley rd. When I asked Stephen where he was going, he told me that he was not trying to drive. While exiting the vehicle, Stephen was moving very slowly and appeared to be off-balance. When Stephen pushed the door of his truck closed, he almost fell into the side of the truck.” During Standardized Field Sobriety tests, Stephen showed several signs of being highly impaired and showed a BAC of .328 on a PBT. Stephen was placed under arrest for DUI and agreed to the state testing of his breath. Stephen showed a BrAC of .351 on the state test. Stephen was booked into the Floyd County Jail and charged with DUI and open container violation.