NWGA Scanner | May 26th, 2021

LaFayette felon arrested after pursuit and fighting with Walker County deputies

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on May 2nd, 2021, at approximately 10:07 PM, Deputy Walker and Fouts were sitting stationary at 2664 East Highway 136. While setting stationary, deputies observed a silver Ford Expedition fail to stop at the stop sign at York Road and Highway 136. According to the report, “After the listed vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign, he came to a complete stop in the middle of East Highway 136.” Deputy Walker reported, “Once [I] caught up to the listed vehicle [I] observed the vehicle cross over the double yellow line approximately three times. [I] then activated my emergency equipment and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The listed vehicle refused to stop and continued on East Highway 136, passing Dunwoody Road. [I] then advised Sgt Agredano of my observations. The driver, later identified as Mark Dewayne Fowler, 54, of LaFayette, then initiated a pursuit with the deputies. Fowler turned right onto Highway 151, traveling southbound. Fowler crossed over the double yellow line, travel in the wrong lane of travel, and activating a light bar on the back of the vehicle obscuring the deputy’s vision of the fleeing vehicle. Fowler then quickly pulled into the driveway of 9305 Highway 151. Deputy Walker reported, “Myself and Deputy Fouts exited our patrol vehicles and gave loud verbal commands for Fowler to exit the vehicle and show us his hands.” Fowler refused to comply with verbal commands. Deputy Fouts then drew his county-issued taser and again gave Fowler loud verbal commands to exit the vehicle. Deputy Walker reported, “[I] then grabbed the listed suspects shirt and Deputy Fouts then grabbed his right wrist in an attempt to safely place Fowler in custody.” Fowler then closed both of his fists and took an aggressive fighting stance. Fowler brought his fist back in a manner that the deputy believed he was going to strike them both. Deputy Fouts deployed his county issue taser striking Fowler in the upper abdomen. Fowler then aggressively began to roll on the ground and refused all verbal commands. During the violent struggle, Fowler was able to knock the taser out of Deputy’s Fouts hand. Fowler continued to resist arrest and was tased several more times. Fowler broke the taser leads and began to run towards Highway 151 from deputies. Deputy Holland arrived on the scene and assisted with arresting Fowler. Fowler was transported to the Walker County Jail. While being transported, Fowler stated, “Man, I’ve been smoking weed tonight, and I’ve taken pills”. Fowler then stated, “I tore my left tricep a long time ago” the suspect then stated, “The taser actually made me feel better. I feel like my heart is beating better, and I have more motion in my left tricep muscle.” Fowler showed through GCIC as having a suspended license through Georgia and also returned with felony warrants. Deputy Fouts was injured and transported to CHI. His uniform was also ripped during the violent arrest. Fowler was charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers-felony x2, DUI drugs DUI-driving under the influence of drugs, knowingly driving a motor vehicle on suspended, canceled, revoked registration, improper lane change/failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended or revoked – 1st offense, interference with government property-felony, and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer – 2nd offense, and violation probation – a felony. According to reports, Fowler who is a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal record was arrested back in February after fleeing the scene of crash with injuries on Highway 151 in Walker County.https://nwgeorgiascanner.com/lafayette-man-arrested-after-fleeing-the-scene-of-crash-with-injuries-on-highway-151-saturday/