NWGA Scanner | October 19th, 2022

LaFayette man arrested after several storage units burglarized in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On October 6th, 2022, Deputy Beasley met with a victim of theft and burglary of a storage unit located at Ringgold Storage Spacecenter 760 Highway 41. According to the report, “The victim advised that her storage unit has been broken into and items were stolen. The victim advised that miscellaneous clothes and shoes were taken from the unit, as well as a dresser and flower arrangements.” Deputy Beasley located a drill bit lying next to the tag on the ground. The item was found just at the end of the first row in front of the door to unit number 8. The victim also advised that the ceiling of her storage unit had been pushed in. Deputy Beasley observed a joining unit to the left of the complainant’s unit to have a hole cut in the ceiling like someone was crawling to the crawl space to get to other units. Lt. Wooten advised contacting the on-call CID Detective to respond.
According to a separate incident report, On October 9th, 2022, Catoosa County Deputy Youngs responded to the Ringgold Storage Units at 760 Highway 41 in regards to burglary. Deputy Youngs met with the victim, who showed Deputy Youngs where someone had attempted to cut their lock. The victim stated that the unit was locked and secured when he used his key to open it. The victim stated that he was missing a Titan Generator, 800 sq/ft of hardwood, a wheelchair, and three large totes full of miscellaneous items. The complainant stated that there was a cardboard box left in the unit that did not belong to them. Deputy Youngs notified the on-call detective. Detective Jordan came on Monday, October 9th, 2022, and obtained a video of the incident. After posting pictures from the video footage of the suspect’s vehicles on Facebook, Catoosa County Detective’s were able to get further information. After obtaining warrants, Eddie Stephen Holland, of Shipp Road in LaFayette. Holland was booked into the Catoosa County Jail and charged with multiple counts of burglary 2nd degree.