NWGA Scanner | March 17th, 2022

LaFayette man arrested for DUI after 911 call from concerned citizen in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on March 1st, 2022, while Deputy Fouts was patrolling the area of North Highway 27 and Kay Conley Road, he heard a BOLO come out for a Jeep traveling south on Highway 27. According to the report, They advised that the driver of the Jeep was all over the road and possibly intoxicated. Deputy Fouts reported, “[I] waited in the area until [I] observed the listed Jeep grand Cherokee pass me. [I] got behind the vehicle and attempted to catch up to it. While attempting to catch up [I] observed the Jeep to straddle the centerline, weaving back and forth over it at a speed of around 55-60 mph. When [I] caught up to the vehicle, the driver, Clayton Raynard, 39, of LaFayette, GA, changed lanes into the right-hand lane while activating his left turn signal. [I] got behind him again in the right lane and observed him weave from lane line to fog line several more times. [I] advised walker 911 that [I] would have a traffic stop on the vehicle at Highway 27 and Bicentennial Trl. The driver did not yield until [I] activated my siren. While traveling southbound at approximately 30 mph [I] observed Raynard reaching over into the passenger floorboard and seat area. When the vehicle came to a stop, [I] again saw the driver reaching. [I] gave loud verbal commands for him to stop reaching and place his hands on the steering wheel, and he did.” As soon as the deputy made contact with Raynard, he became very angry and began yelling that he did nothing wrong and requested that the deputy give him a “Breathalyzer” test. The deputy advised him to stop yelling and that there was an order in which he had to do things. Raynard then stopped yelling, apologized, and stated that he was just very tired. Raynard then advised that he had not consumed any alcoholic beverages. When asked to do Field Sobriety Tests, Raynard again became upset and asked for the deputy to just do a breathalyzer on him. Raynard refused any further and was placed under arrest for DUI. Raynard then refused implied consent. Deputy Fouts reported, “[I] completed an inventory of the vehicle and found that where the driver had been reaching while refusing to pull over, there was a knife out of its sheath and several open containers of multiple alcoholic beverages.” Raynard was transported to the Walker County Jail, where he was charged with no insurance, open container violation, failure to maintain a single lane, improper use of turn signal, and DUI.