NWGA Scanner | March 22nd, 2021

LaFayette man arrested on felony assault charges after violent domestic in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on March 14th, 2021, at approximately 9:28 PM, Deputy Alford and Deputy Coppock responded to an address on Jenkins Road to an altercation with someone being stabbed. Deputies arrived on the scene and, due to the nature of the call, drew their service weapon. The deputies observed the victim holding a male suspect later identified as Dustin White, 40, of LaFayette. A female victim was yelling that Dustin was on the bottom and that he still had the knife which was under him. Deputy Alford had his long rifle and made it to where the victim and Dustin were first. Deputy Alford began giving loud verbal commands for Dustin to flatten out and show his hands. Dustin refused commands as Deputy Alford had his long rifle pointed at him continuing to give loud verbal commands. Deputy Coppock attempted to take Dustin into custody, but Dustin kept trying to rise up, refusing to comply with any of the commands being given to him. Deputies continued to tell Dustin to flatten out and show his hands. Dustin continued to resist arrest, continually screaming “F**k you” and “F**king pigs” while trying to raise up. Deputy Alford attempted to gain compliance by striking Dustin once on the head. Deputies were finally able to secure Dustin in handcuffs. The knife was found directly under where Dustin was lying with his hands and arms underneath him. Dustin refused to get up and walk, so deputies dragged him to Deputy Alford’s patrol vehicle, where he began kicking the door. Dustin refused to let EMS check him and told them, “Go f**k yourselves” Sgt. Wooten arrived on the scene and transported Dustin to the jail. The victim suffered a busted nose along with a stab wound to his outer left thigh and a laceration close to it. The victim stated that he heard Dustin and his niece arguing outside. The victim ran outside after she yelled for help. When he got outside, he saw Dustin rear back to hit his 74-year-old mother. A violent struggle ensued with Dustin stabbing and assaulting the victim. At some point before the stabbing, Dustin struck the female victim in her in the face. A deputy observed a red mark on the lower part of her face. Dustin then charged the 74-year-old woman shoving her backward.
Dustin was extremely belligerent all the way to the Walker County Jail, kicking and screaming. Dustin was booked into the jail charged with aggravated assault, battery x3, abuse of elderly, criminal trespass, and felony obstruction.