NWGA Scanner | July 31st, 2022

Lindale man arrested after domestic altercation turns violent in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On July 14th, 2022, at 6:06 PM, Officer K. Wade was responding to an address on Alfred Avenue in reference to a physical domestic altercation. According to the report, “Dispatch advised all responding units that the suspect left the residence in a black BMW and was heading toward Cedartown or Aragon.” Officer Wade was merging off of GA-1 South to turn left onto Maple Road when she observed the BMW and initiated a traffic stop. The officer made contact with the driver Michael Shane Cook, 46, of Lindale, and observed him bleeding heavily from his head. Officer Sangphim and Officer Ribot arrived on the scene to assist. Officer Wade reported, “[I] was able to temporarily wrap Michael’s head to control the bleeding. Michael stated that “they beat me over the head with the butt of the rifle, and that’s before I did anything.” Michael told PFC Sangphim and [I] that he did not have his cell-phone to call 911. Michael then accused them of pointing a gun at his head, and that is when he began to defend himself. When Michael was asked why he did not call 911, he informed me that “they took everything” and threw his phone over the fence. Michael then changed his story and advised me that he was in his bedroom trying to take a nap when his sons began arguing with him. Michael said that “its all on the text if you want to read it” because he was basically getting on their “butts” because they are 24 and 25, and they do not have jobs.” Michael continued to advise officers he was assaulted. Michael then denied treatment from EMS due to insufficient funds and no health insurance. According to the report, “When PFC Sangphim asked Michael about lying about having his cell phone, Michael became very distraught and began yelling and cussing.” Officer McMeekin was on scene at the residence and advised Michael was trying to sell two cars in Kentucky. Nobody wanted to go with Michael, so he then got upset and began flipping out, threatening to take everything from the house. Michael then tried to hit the old lady inside of the house. Michael then pulled out a knife, and when the knife was pulled, Max then grabbed the knife with his right hand. Drew then came behind Michael to choke him to prevent him from harming Max further. Michael then busted out the window and, at one point, began spraying water into the living room. Officers observed the damage that matched the story and observed Max had a large laceration on his right hand from trying to prevent Michael from stabbing him. Michael was cleared from Floyd Medical Center and booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with aggravated assault, 2nd-degree criminal damage to property, possession of marijuana, two counts of obstruction, driving without insurance, and operation of a vehicle without a license plate.