NWGA Scanner | March 23rd, 2021

Lindale man points gun at woman during domestic altercation in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report on February 17th, 2021, at around 5:25 AM, Officer McMeekin, along with Officer Overstreet, responded to a domestic altercation. Upon arrival, the suspect, Donald Keith Cromer, 48 of Lindale, had left the scene. The victim stated that she felt sick and left work. While they were lying in bed, she questioned Cromer on why he cheated on her. She stated that Cromer became irate. She stated Cromer began to sling items off the dresser and shoved her against a wall causing red whelps/marks on her right arm. She stated that he began to throw stuff, causing holes in the wall. The victim stated while Cromer was chasing her outside, he pulled a black 9mm pistol pointing it at her stated stating, “you gone die today,” putting her in fear for her life. She stated she barely made it back inside just in time to lock the door and call 911. She was advised the process of a TPO and that warrants would be issued for his arrest. Officers also served her with a victim notification form as well. On Officer McMeekin was requested by Donald Cromer to contact him by phone. Cromer had questions in regards to warrants that had been taken out for his arrest. Cromer agreed to meet at the Floyd County Jail to tell his side of the story on what took place. Cromer stated that the victim began to ask him why he had cheated. He stated to her that he did not want to have that conversation. He stated that she told him “to get the f**k out”. Cromer stated while he getting his clothes to leave, she began slapping the clothes out of his hands, throwing them out the door. Cromer advised he told her, “just let me leave.” She then slapped Cromer’s phone out of his hand and began to throw items which resulted in the holes in the wall. Both Officer McMeekin along Officer Tetsworth observed messages believed to have been sent from the victim with intentions of showing remorse and intentions to remedy the situation. Donald Keith Cromer was then placed under arrest for his warrant for aggravated assault (FVA). Cromer was then booked into the Floyd County Jail.