NWGA Scanner | October 18th, 2022

Loganville man assaults and threatens to kill Floyd County officer at hospital after DUI crash

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On October 7th, 2022, at 7:41 AM, Officer Stanfield was dispatched to the Georgia 20 and Georgia 100 S in reference to a vehicle crash. Officer Stanfield arrived and observed a commercial motor vehicle and a small silver vehicle with extensive damage on the side of the road. According to the report, The driver of the small passenger car, Phillip Winston Moore, 33, of Loganville, informed the officer that he was attempting to avoid a vehicle that pulled out in front of him. Officer Stanfield reported, “While Moore was speaking, [I] could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. However, [I] did not observe Moore’s speech to be lethargic or slurred. [I] asked Moore to get his license and insurance, and he went to his vehicle to retrieve the items. While Moore was retrieving his license, the driver of the commercial vehicle stated that he also smelled an alcoholic beverage coming from Moore while they waited in the vehicle.” During field sobriety tests, Moore showed several signs of impairment and was placed under arrest for DUI. Officer Stanfield reported, “Moore was transported to Atrium Health Floyd for medical clearance and legal blood draw. During the transport to the hospital, Moore stated to me, “I’ll kill you.” While at the hospital, [I] did move Moore’s handcuffs to the front in order to allow the lab technicians at Atrium Health to draw his blood. The room nurse came in and checked on Moore. The nurse left and asked if [I] wanted to keep the door open. [I] advised her no because of how Moore was acting, as [I] did not want his actions to disturb the other patients. Moore stated, “I think you should. I think you should. I might hurt him.” [I] did laugh slightly at that comment, and Moore looked at me and asked, “What you laughing for, bitch boy” after the nurse closed the door. Moore then stood up from the bed and charged at me. [I] looked at him and told him, “Sit your ass down.” Due to this, [I] asked Sergeant Whaley to enter the room in case Moore decided to get physical. Sergeant Whaley and I were still speaking with Moore and advising him of his charges. [I] advised Moore that he was being charged with Felony Terroristic threats and acted, DUI less safe, failure to maintain lane.” Moore then got off his bed and began to attack officers. During the violent altercation, Moore did strike the officer in the back of the head with what felt like his elbow. Moore even kicked officers during the incident. Officers advised Moore that he had just added an additional two felony charges. Moore stated, “what are you smiling for, big boy?” Moore then “head butted” the officer before being restrained by Rome Police Officer McGuire, Officer Stanfield, and other Atrium health security. Moore was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with battery, felony obstruction, terroristic threats and acts, and DUI.