NWGA Scanner | May 4th, 2022

Man high on meth assaults and fights with Dalton Police officers during DUI traffic stop

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On April 19th, 2022, at 1:09 AM, Officer E. Guerrero was patrolling the area of West Walnut Avenue and South Thornton Avenue when he observed a white pickup truck traveling westbound on West Walnut Avenue approaching the intersection. Officer Guerrero reported, “[I] noticed the right tail light on the truck was burned out. At this time, [I] caught up to the truck, which was now stopped for its traffic light at Walnut Avenue and Thornton Avenue. The truck was in the left westbound lane on Walnut Avenue. Once the westbound traffic light turned green, [I] conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and ignited my blue lights. After turning my blue lights on, the truck turned left onto Thornton Ave from the westbound lane. The vehicle turned off of the incorrect lane, and the traffic light to turn left was still red. The truck then came to a stop on Thornton Ave in the middle of the lane.” The officer then made contact with the driver, identified as Michael Burton Wright, 49, Calhoun. While talking to Michael, the officer noticed he had red eyes and was fidgeting around in his car. Michael could not keep his hands still. Officer Marcus then arrived and assisted with the traffic stop. Michael advised Officer Marcus that he had just smoked meth earlier and currently had meth in his buttocks. During advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement, Michael showed several signs of impairment. Officer Guerrero reported, “As [I] was getting closer to Michael, [I] asked him if he was ok. Michael stated he was ok and just out of breath. Michael then went down to a three-point football stance and charged at me. At this time, [I] quickly walked back as [I] was attempting to get my taser out. Once Michael saw me reaching for my taser, he then quickly turned and began charging at Officer Marcus. At this time, Michael swung and struck Officer Marcus on his jaw. We then quickly placed Michael on the ground.” While on the ground, Michael continued to fight with an officer attempting to strike them. After fighting with Micheal, Officer Guerrero decided to dry stun him. After stunning dry Michael, officers were then able to gain control of him and quickly place him in custody. Prior to taking Michael to jail, he made threats to fight and kill jail staff. Michael was charged with tail light violation, improper lane change/usage, DUI drugs less safe, felony obstruction (2 counts), simple battery on a police officer, obstruction, and possession of methamphetamine.