NWGA Scanner | June 23rd, 2021

Man points gun at elderly mother and threatens to kill her during violent domestic in Gordon County

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, at approximately 12:58 AM, Deputy Nesbitt responded to an address on Knight Road in Ranger in reference to a domestic. According to the report, “While en-route to Knight Road, Gordon E911 advised all responding officers via radio that a male subject later identified as Danny Fields, 35, of Ranger had his mother at gunpoint and was violently assaulting her.” Deputy Nesbitt arrived on the scene and observed Danny walking down the driveway. According to the report, “Deputy Nesbitt drew his department-issued firearm and began giving Danny loud verbal commands. Danny complied and laid face down on the driveway, and Deputy Nesbitt then placed Danny in handcuffs without further incident.” Shortly after Deputy Nesbitt secured Danny in his patrol vehicle, the deputy observed an elderly female, later identified as the victim and mother of Danny walking down the driveway. The deputy observed the woman had what appeared to be dried blood and a laceration on her right arm. The woman refused medical treatment and stated, “I fell.” According to the report, the victim continued to be short and acted as if she was scared to talk to deputies on the scene. The deputy then contacted Gordon E911 and talked with the original complainant. The complainant stated while she was speaking to her mother on the phone when she overheard Danny yelling at her. The complainant stated she heard Danny began getting irate and stating, “If you don’t come home right now, I’m gonna hurt mom.” Danny then said, “If you don’t come home, I’m gonna shoot mom.” She stated she then heard the victim start screaming as if she was in pain and heard her state, “He’s gonna kill me.” After speaking to the victim a second time, she stated that Danny pushed her down during an argument, but she did not notice he had a gun. According to the report, the victim still appeared to be scared and was uncooperative during the interview. The deputy located a Walther P22 caliber handgun lying on the ground in front of a pair of flip flops that the victim state she lost during the argument. Danny was transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with terroristic threats and acts, battery on a person 65 years of age or older, exploitation intimidation of elderly person, and aggravated assault (FVA).