NWGA Scanner | December 31st, 2020

Man shoplifts three cases of beer from Mapco on Cleveland Highway in Dalton

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office report, on December 25th, 2020, at approximately 12:24 PM, a deputy was dispatched to a shoplifting at the Mapco located at 1406 Cleveland Highway. The deputy met with cashier who advised moments prior to calling 911, someone took three cases of beer and ran out of the store without. She advised the offender was a black male that looked to be in his 40’s, wearing a dark blue jump-suit and a black beanie. She stated that he was driving a small, black, Chevrolet passenger car, possibly a Chevrolet Sonic but she wasn’t sure and she couldn’t make out the tag number. She also advised there was a black female that she believed was with the male. She stated that she looked to be in her 40’s, wearing a dark blue jump-suit with a red pin stripe down the sides with “buzzed” short hair, talking to her at the register while the male was in the back of the store looking around. She stated while she was speaking to her, the male subject walked up to the front of the store with several items in his hands and as he got near the door, ran out fleeing the scene. She advised as the male ran out the door, the female tried to distract her by talking louder to get her attention to keep her from looking at him. She advised the male drove off and the female took off in the same direction. The cashier advised there should be video evidence that could be retrieve. Deputies will review the video to identify the suspect and obtain warrants. The 20 pack, aluminum bottle, Budweiser $15.49 15 pack, aluminum bottle, Bud Light $15.49 30 pack, cans, Bud Light $22.99 totaled to be $53.97.