NWGA Scanner | September 3rd, 2021

Michigan fugitive arrested after multi-state 100 mph pursuit in stolen Mercedes ends in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on August 8th, 2021, at approximately 3:29 PM, Trooper Judd Whitfield was stationary at the weigh station located on Interstate 75 southbound near mile marker 343. Trooper Whitfield was advised by Catoosa County dispatch that Tennessee Highway Patrol was in pursuit of a stolen 2021 Blue Mercedes G Wagon with a Michigan License plate on Interstate 75 near the Tennessee / Georgia State Line. Catoosa County Deputy LaMountain then advised that he was in pursuit of the stolen vehicle coming through the southbound passing exit 350. Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office requested GSP assistance with the pursuit. Trooper Whitfield reported, “[I] observed the stolen Mercedes traveling south at a very high speed approaching my location. The suspect, later identified as Cameron Powell, 22, of Eastpointe, Michigan, was driving recklessly, swerving in and out of traffic, nearly running vehicles off the roadway. [I] advised GSP dispatch that [I] was taking the lead and was in pursuit.” Powell continued southbound, nearly rear-ending vehicles and swerving across all lanes, including traveling in the emergency lanes. The pursuit continued into Whitfield County on Interstate 75. The trooper was able to use his patrol vehicle radar unit to confirm the vehicle was traveling 130 mph. According to the report, the trooper requested help from Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office to deploy spikes. Due to the traffic conditions, the trooper was not able to perform a PIT maneuver and end the pursuit. There were not enough patrol vehicles to perform a box-in maneuver. I was advised by dispatch that Whitfield County advised they would not be assisting. I then continued with the pursuit and requested Gordon County to assist. During the pursuit, the driver continued to flee at speeds in excess of 130 mph, driving recklessly, passing vehicles in both the left and right emergency lanes, driving too fast for the conditions, and nearly rear-ending vehicles. Gordon County advised they would attempt to deploy spikes. Trooper Whitfield reported, “As [I] approached mile marker 320, [I] could see multiple patrol units with lights activated. [I] stayed in the left lane while Powell continued in the right lane near the shoulder. It appeared the suspect saw a deputy preparing to deploy spikes. Powell abruptly moved across lanes recklessly to avoid them. At this time, Gordon County units entered the pursuit ahead of me and took the lead in front of me.” According to the report, As the pursuit passed, mile marker 313 Trooper Day and Cadet Weaver took the lead in the pursuit. Powell abruptly and recklessly exited the interstate at mile marker 312. Trooper Day reported, “As Mr. Powell attempted to exit I-75 South onto GA53, he nearly hit a white Ford Escape that was attempting to exit as well. Mr. Powell failed to stop for the red light as he attempted to turn left at the intersection of the I-75 South exit ramp and GA53. This action caused him to nearly hit a black passenger car that was attempting to turn left onto I-75 South. Mr. Powell then crossed the concrete median into oncoming traffic as he attempted to enter I-75 North from GA53. As he was traveling on the entrance ramp, Mr. Powell traveled off the roadway where he hit a hole that flattened the vehicle’s passenger-side tires. Mr. Powell continued driving on the shoulder of the roadway towards a wooded area in an attempt to avoid capture. Mr. Powell then exited the vehicle through the passenger side door as the vehicle was still in motion. As the vehicle hit a fence, Mr. Powell began fleeing on foot”. Powell was taken into custody following a foot pursuit. Powell had two identifications in his wallet. A Michigan Identification and Illinois driver’s license. Both displayed different names but pictures of the suspect. Powell stated that the Illinois license was a fake ID. He stated that he had smoked Marijuana approximately an hour prior to the pursuit. The vehicle was confirmed stolen out of Michigan, and Powell showed having multiple felony arrest warrants out of Michigan and Montana. Powell was transported to Advent Health and agreed to the Georgia Implied Consent Notice. Detective Lieutenant Gormley of the Bloomfield Hills Police Department in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, advised he was working the stolen vehicle case. The pictures of the suspect that took the vehicle matched Powell, confirming that he stole the vehicle in Michigan and brought it to Georgia. The detective also stated that there were multiple ongoing investigations that Powell was involved in. Powell was then transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with DUI, felony-fugitive from justice (outstanding warrants from another state), felony theft by receiving property stolen in another state, felony theft by bringing stolen property into state felony fleeing and attempting to elude, unlawful use of license or identification card, improper turn/improper lane change, driving in the emergency lane (non-emergency), failure to maintain lane, stop signs and yield signs, driving while license suspended or revoked, too fast for conditions, speeding, reckless driving, safety restraint violation, failure to signal when turning or changing lanes, following too closely and several more traffic violations. According to online reports, this isn’t Powell’s first time leading police on a pursuit in a stolen vehicle.